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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day Planner/Organizer Systems

I'd like your input about organization and calendars.

Years ago, BC (before computers), I started using the Franklin Day Planner. It's time for me to get new binders and inserts for the rest of the year. Before I do that, I'd like to consider online organizational systems. I noticed hotmail, google, myspace all have calenders. I have used hotmail's, I like that it allows me to print and send e-mail reminders to myself. I like that my son could even access pertinent shared features. The problem is sometimes it doesn't let me log in.

With as much time as I spend on a computer, I feel like I should consider having my calender/organizer on the screen.

Does anyone use the electronic version of Franklin? I'd like to know your experiences with other online planners. How does it help you make shopping lists and organize family/children's activities? Does anyone know how to overcome the sign in problem at hotmail's calendar?

I look forward to your response. If you want to post in detail on your blog about this important topic that we can all benefit from, please leave a note in my comments so I know where to look!


Danibee said...

I have a Blackberry cell phone which I can synch up to my Outlook on my computer. It has a calendar function (which pops up reminders), contacts, tasks, notepad - all the lovely functions Outlook has.

I couldn't live without mine! I tried all the different types of dayplanners, but none worked for me.

Miriam said...

I love Outlook. Life would be perfect it Mozilla made a good email-calender program.

fitncrafty said...

i wish I had the perfect answer for you, I personally still use the old fashioned planner. However franklin has programs in which you can use on a handheld/palm and can sinc with your computer.. I know you use the computer alot.. an electronic may work for you. You can even put your grocery lists on it.. instead of all those papers.. I had 4 grocery lists in my purse today! Talk about confusing!
Let me know what you decide

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