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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Love a Happy Breastfeeding Story

I grieved with my friend nine months ago, when her daughter suddenly refused to nurse; she was close to two years old. She said it tasted yucky and said she was a big girl now.

My friend's goals were to breastfeed until 3-4 years old, especially after hearing all my stories and being around me and my boys who latched on at 3-4 years without any issues, so she was sad about the weaning, the loss of intimacy between mother and child, and immunologic protection .

We discussed possible causes of her abrupt weaning... being in daycare and separation, someone telling her she was a big girl, mother's IUD, or the rough start (I posted about it here.) . This mother and baby are attached and very loving, it didn't make sense to me. It didn't make sense to be knit-picking for reasons.

Nine months later, Dad is deployed, My friend and her almost 3-year old are spending lots of time together. They are alone at night and share a bed, every night, all night.

Last night, My friend announces to me, "She asked to suck booby!" And she did latch on. My friend had milk. Her daughter didn't nurse for long. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head like when she was a baby and she went to sleep. She's nursed a couple of times to sleep now and my friend is drinking mother's tea and noticed her breasts looking a little more full.

I am so happy for them... I said, "You know I am going to post this on my blog!"
Photo submitted by K.


Anonymous said...

That's too funny. I can't believe you went straight home and put that on your blog.

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Sam, Thanks for sending me the beautiful photo that is so appropriate to use here!

fitncrafty said...

That is a very beautiful photo. Both Mom and daughter both needed to bond like that. Deployments are hard! Best of luck to them both...

pearly1979 said...

That is a beautiful photo! How sweet.

I would think it would be unusual for mom to still have milk after all that time. Is that very common? Do people not really usually know because no one "checks" after that length of time usually? Just curious about this.

Either way great story!! :)

Permission to Mother should be studying said...


More women than you would think continue to have a nipple discharge years after lactation. This mom and I often talked how she could express milk eventhough her daughter stopped nursing and how I never have a drop of milk and David is nurses happily away.

I know that this mom checked because we talked about how to encourage her daughter to latch.


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