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Monday, June 9, 2008

Sugar is hidden in Everything!

It's been 34 days since I got my food sensitivity results back. I have been (cane) sugar-free, dairy (cow's milk protein), and (Bakers' )yeast bread free. Almost....

Sugar is hidden in EVERYTHING! I've been looking closely for it because almost everything else I was sensitive to cleared and I want to know why sugar didn't.

This is where I found it:

  • I didn't realize cane is molasses. I ate enough of it to throw off a detox. Infact, I shared a recipe with molasses in a previous sugar-free post. And no one caught it! And If they did, didn't tell me.
  • Dried Cranberries have cane sugar in them. A rare restaurant treat at Gator Trace, I ordered a cranberry, feta , chicken, salad (thinking it was sugar-free). More recently, I purchased a bag of cranberries. I am munching along and finally look at the label ---> 6 month detox starts all over for cane sugar. You can't even get a filling resaurant salad without sugar. If you know of one, let me know.
  • Caramel Coloring. I have stayed away from it not knowing what it is. By now you have figured out it is cane sugar, caramelized cane. So there goes the possibility of soy crumbles from my diet. Caramel col0ring is in a ton of stuff including many things we think are sugar-free like balsamic vinager and boca burgers.
  • The large bottle of vitamin water has fructose (ok), the small bottle of the SAME flavor has cane sugar and fructose.

I plan to carry on with the sugar-free and read every label and if a label is not available I am not eating it.

I am not sure how long I will do the bread (baker's yeast) and cow's milk protein for. Sounds depriving, doesn't it. I look at it like this-- I have never deprived myself of food. I have always ate what I want, when I want, restaurants, brands not on sale and I didn't feel good. Now I want to feel good.

I do have a list of 200 whole foods I can eat. Its actually quite a positive challenge bringing the variety of all those foods into my diet and you can see I haven't disappeared yet from not having enough to eat. :)

This kind of nutriton plan has lead me to look at green smoothies, juicing, and raw food preparation to fill me up. Soon I'll blog more about that.


fitncrafty said...

Denise.... I have a solution to your no veggie crumbles!! TVP! Textured Vegetable Protein. I almost forgot about them since using crumbles. TVP is made from ingredient: deffatted soy protein (from Bob's Red Mill) it is a dried product, but I can send you the conversions of any of the recipes I have sent you for the crumbles....Also something else you may like is a lentil loaf..

Red said...

HAH! I am lovin' this Fit-n-crafty chick, she is becoming my new best friend. I actually have a TVP cookbook. *shhh, I think me and Fit are in competition as to who has more cooking knowledge...LOL*

We love TVP, but do not use it half enough. It is like tofu in the sense that it takes on whatever flavor you give it. Whole Foods used to sell it in bulk, that is how I like to purchase mine, but smaller amounts will do until you can get to a place that does sell in bulk.

My daughter still uses meat substitutes, but she uses them so rarely that we will most likely not give them up. But I do have this great potatoe/rice burger recipe. Yummo. We have used it as a side dish or as a burger. Guess what I will be blogging about.

And yes Denise, I do grind my own cornmeal. I have about 45 lbs, of popcorn here at the house.

Allana Martian said...

You wanna know what else is in everything? Soy! I try to avoid it completely for Nathanael, but it's everywhere! You really have to cook from scratch and not buy a single packaged item from the store shelves.

womantowomancbe said...

I like TVP too. It comes in a few different types -- flakes and granules, I know for sure. But be careful -- some of the TVP is (wouldn't you know it) caramel colored, so that it looks more like meat when cooked in, say, chili. Sigh....

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I got the Red Bob's TVP. Now I will figure out what to do with it.


Processed soy is in everything and so is cow's milk protein, processed corn, wheat, as well as sugar.

Sometimes I think that its not these ingredients (as whole food) are so bad for you if we didn't eat the processed form of them 3 x a day/everday of the year.

Anything you eat daily you are bound to build up a sensitivity too. If we all ate garlic and olive oil and lettuce daily we will build a sensitivity. (I would know, but it also cleared when I eliminated it.)

We are meant to eat a variety on a daily basis and seasonal basis.

It's much easier to get the variety in as whole food rather than procesed, I am finding out.

Now the importance on variety got me thinking about the babies who drink the same formula everyday. They are bound to be sensitive to cow's milk protien, rice, and or soy. Or how 'bout the babies that the first food is one of the cereals or canned foods and they get the same flavor "all" the time. Delayed sensitivities are going to be adding up at such a young age.

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