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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Swimming Schedule

With the scholastic school year ending and daylight hours being longer I look forward to a change in routine. Even though we are homeschooling, we get a break from some paced and attendance-based activities. I was going to enroll William in a FLVS course though summer, but the pace of his lessons kept me from my own exam studying. Hebrew school is a 2-3 week attendance. Most parents love dropping their kids off for a few hours, but I tend to find everything has a little give and take. The Hebrew School for the first time this summer has parents co-ordinating some summer youth group activities. I am so relieved to be able to have a break from mandoatory attendance. No Hebrew School, no FLVS, what do I do?

I love being in the pool. We have a big pool in the neighborhood. I head out to the pool early (like at 8) to beat the sun and crowd at least 4 days a week (W, TH, S, S). I am not a very good swimmer, but for an hour I have been treading, doggy paddling it, or just walking back a forth (Scott calls it "walking with the elders"). Generally I like evening swimming, but with all the rain in the afternoon, I would miss my chance. I've made it out cycling on a few good evenings. I've been consistent and for the past 2 months, I feel like I have gotten the proper amount of exercise! It's the first time I can say that in a long time (like before William was born). Since the boys can go with me, it's something I can do with them rather than it be something that takes me away from them.

Lucky for them, I do take them to karate an extra third night during the summer and William continues with his drum lessons. Outside of office hours and, I am studying a lot and put my other projects on hold until I get past the exam.


Tam said...

Oh i'm so excited to have come across your blog!!!!! I have always felt that the old attage "Mother knows best" was so true. To hear it from a Dr. is thrilling;) Of course Mother's need to be willing to learn and then trust their own instinct!

Thanks so much! I'll be comming back often! I'll have to read your book too!

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Tam, I look forward to checking out your food and trying your healthy food ideas. I'll leave you a note as I incorporate some recipes in my diet. The cookies look great!

fitncrafty said...

D, it's great that you are finding time for fitness. It's a great thing along with all the healthy eating you are doing. I think that swimmer that is as efficient works harder and burns more calories, I got a good laugh at 'walking with elders'! Too funny! Dont worry you aren't in that category yet! Weighted water gloves could really help, or water weights, double your workout.
Gotta go check out Tam's blog now.

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I've been looking for gloves. Do you know where I could order on-line?

Munch75 said...

It's so hard sometimes to schedule exercise time ... I'm learning this the hard way! :( Glad you've found a way to spend time with the kids and work out. I've started running again ... takes away from my Alex time, but I really need some exercise!

fitncrafty said...

Here you go, I like fogdog they ship quick and prices are pretty good too. Here's a link to what they have.

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I was looking for gloves like this. Do you use these?

crispy said...

Sounds like me in the water. I do the same thing...

I think the kids think I look a bit odd, but it gets the job done.

Good for you to be out there working out.

And, BTW, I posted a response for the worm question.

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Carrie, You know what's worse than "walking with the elders."
"Just sitting with the old-fatrs." :) At least I move!

I've got to go back to Tam's blog and leave notes under each recipe I have tried these past two days. Good stuff.

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