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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who's Eating the Produce?

I've been wanting to keep tabs on what I do with all my produce from our co-op. I also want to be more aware if my kids are eating significant amounts and how long it lasts us. This is a list of what I got in my share today and I am going to update this post as I use up things.

broccoli - some raw in salad for me and J on Sun. Rest being used in cream of broccoli soup.
red cabbage - 1/2 head went into the juicer. Me, J, & S tried it. Tasted like raw cabbage, (big
surprise!). The other 1/2 is marinating in vinegar and oil to become a sugar-free cole slaw. My house reeks of cabbage. I wonder if I'll be able to eat it after smelling it. (William took a sip of juice and vomitted bile. If I was 11, I probably would have vomitted too.)
carrots used 2 in the slaw. Sunday salad
celery - Sunday- boys and john put some Peanut butter on celery. D liked the PB off, the rest ate at least one 3 inch stick. I put raw almond butter on my celery.
cucumber - salad on Friday and Monday, all used
garlic - I have 4 whole bulbs of garlic( 2 from last share). I wrote to Jane today and told her once amonth on the garlic would be more than enough.
spinach - one bunch lightly suteed in coconut oil for me and John. sauteed on Monday in avacoado oil, a few leaves were put into a smoothie, all used up.
rosemary - I have rosemary growing in my garden. I never knew what to do with it. I looked it up in World's Healthiest food for ideas. Historically, the ancient greeks wore it behind their ear to help their memory. I am going to wear mine since I am studying for this test. I won't run out because my plant is big. John is sleeping and I stuck a twig behind his ear. (Don't push any buttons and wake him.)
green leaf lettuce -salad sunday
cremini mushrooms - Saturday all went into the beef (turkey substitute) strogonoff that everyone eats but me
yukon gold potatoes - a few potato fries on Sat.
flame seedless grapes - David ate most on the way home. I am going to freeze the rest and add a few to smoothies and fresh juice to as a sweetener.
yellow peaches Peaches and pluots gone by Saturday night by me and w & S.
rosa pluots
bananas - 2 used in a banana, canned pineapple (had), and orange smoothie at Scott's request. S & W had a glassful. Saving the rest for tomorrow.

raspberries - some snacked on by me, W, S, rest frozen, all used on Monday in smoothie
gold kiwis - snacking on by me and boys, all used by Sunday
honeydew melon -1/2 eaten Friday morning, finished last one on Monday
17 oranges - we still have a few left, all the boys love these. gone by Saturday. John ate a few.

Sunday- some broth with rosemary, carrots, onions, garlic, parsley, celery. It didn't taste good. It was bitter like rosemary. I won't be putting rosemary in broth anymore.
I still have plenty of veggies, but I like this list it's helping me keep up what I have. I might have to do this each share!

Wednesday- I made No-fuss potato soup and sunflower sour cream. Tomorrow I am making broccoli soup. That will take care of all my vegetables and fruit except for the garlic. I gave a bulb of garlic away today and I still have 2 1/2 bulbs. I am using the garlic nearly everday.

I went to Nelson's today and stocked up on more berries and veggies. Next week I want to do the same thing with the organic produce share and list out what we get and what I do with it and who eats it.

Organic Buying Club for more info.


Lauren said...

What a great idea for a post! I'm looking forward to reading what you're doing with the produce.

Before I arrived to split the share, I picked up a really nice salad spinner. As soon as I got home, I put it to work. Now all my lettuce and spinach have been washed, dried and bagged up for easy use. Still not sure what I'm going to do with the cabbage, though.

fitncrafty said...

Red cabbage is great in spinach with pear and dressing... add some feta or blue cheese... Mom passed that recipe on to me...
I am running out of produce and want to go pick fresh strawberries at the farm down the road to freeze for later use, I just wish it would stop raining!

Red said...

I have always loved cabbage. As a small child when my mom and nanny would use it for some dish...I always asked for the core. Yummy! I now weird.

I use my cabbage in stir-frys and I have this great sweet and sour cabbage apple recipe. Easy schmeazy.

I love juicing but have bene lazy lately. I hope to get back on track. I hope to make my batch of Kambucha today and started bulk cooking for when I am out on surgery.

Loved this post.

Lauren said...

So did the rosemary help John remember to put stuff in the compost bin? ;)

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Nope the orange peel was in the garbage this morning. I asked him, "How is going to pass his boards if he can't remember where orange peel and nut shells go?" Blah, blah, blah, compost." he said.

What can we do edible with the rosemary? Since my plant is growing well, I should find something to do with it. Make a broth with it and the celery, carrots, onions??

Munch75 said...

Wow, such good eaters your kids are! :) I hope mine grows up to eat better than I do!

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Munch, You want to know something? My kids may have breastfed into their tweens, but when they wean they go staight to McDonalds. Well... not that literal, but I can say that for the first two years in practice (and before) all our diets were absolutely terrible.

I'd be concentrating on the office... John would take them out... Their Nanny would take them out as her treat to help me... we'd bring them home something brought into the office. We let their teen sitter make them a tray of Mac and cheese, Before you knew it all their meals were crap. No one is aware of what the other is serving.

I have noticed over the past few weeks thier diets are better. Especially making notes of who's eating the produce has helped me to see this. They are eating much more variety in fruits and nuts. Weird they liked chop up mushrooms in the sauce I make. I don't see them eating much greens. But they finally like tomato based sauce which I add many veggies, too.

I get many of my grains from The Cooking Lady (AKA, Red). She buys them bulk and grinds them.

I probably eat healthier to set an example for my kids. Kids are great for holding us accountable.
I was going to bring this discussion to the top of my blog. If I find I havemore to say perhaps I stil will.


Zaneta said...

Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised to read all this... (Surprised to hear Denise is starting to cook...) good job, keep going! And thanks for the inspiration!

BTW, I like red cabbage simmered with little vinigar and little sugar (or other sweetener, STEVIA is great natural sweetener)

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Your comment made me smile. After reading PTM, you definately noticed that I hate cooking because I (or John) said so, many time. Thanks for reminding me!

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