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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dairy-Free Substitutes

I've always been one to drink my milk (butter, cheese, sour cream, cream, ice cream) and the thought of going dairy free didn't even exist. It's been over 2 months that I went dairy free and still holding and I haven't keeled over yet from lack of.

I have found plenty of likeable replacements for milk. Soy, rice, almond, hemp are a few milks I have tried. All my milk is unsweetened (without cane sugar). I can add my own honey or agave if it needs it. I can drink original rice by itself. Most other milks, I am adding to shakes and cooking, or cereal and not drinking plain.

In place of butter in recipes, I have used the variety of oils. Coconut (which is incredible tasting), olive, almond, avocado, walnut, safflower, grapeola, canola. It is the biggest BS to think that olive oil is the only oil worth consuming. There are so many delicious oils. A variety of them is whats best for you.

As for Ice Cream replacements, let me just say, nothing really replaces Breyer's mint chip. Before I did my first test, I already noticed that my favorite flavor of ice cream did not leave me feeling well. I could feel the fat in it going through my veins. I really am not missing the feeling. Smoothies have become a replacement. Here is Choclate Bliss. Here is a frozen macaroon treat. I make them both. I haven't tried these cookies yet, but I plan on making them soon (when I reintroduce cane).

Cheese and yogurt replacements-Alcat tests for sheep and goat protein sensitivity. It also checks for whey. I can have all three right options now. Goat yoghurt tastes good. Flavored goat yogurt is made from more natural ingrediants than most cow based yogurts. All in all, I tried the variety of products available in goat and sheep. I didn't love them enough to keep trying. I use to like Feta. I keep some stocked, but I developed an adversion to it. It doesn't seem to do it for me. Eventhough I can have goat and sheep, I find I don't like the taste and get the satisfaction enough to pay the higher prices for hard cheese. Whey finds its way into many of my shakes. JUSt recently I found out that Pecorno Romano is from Sheep's milk and that works for me.

Soups- I used to use a milk base in my soups. The rice and soy milks weren't doing it for me. I found this potato soup recipe and I love it. Tam pairs it with a vegan sunflower sour cream recipe. I will be making this soup many times.

There you have it. Options if you can't (or choose not to) have cow's protein. I certainly did not think I can ever go this long without dairy. I am going to reintroduce organic milk products back into my diet soon.

I am planning on adding cheese back in to my rotation soon. I love having all these other options!


pearly1979 said...
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Tam said...

Oh there are so many good oils! I love sesame too especially on things like stir fry! Avacado oil oooo I bet that's good I have not tried it before but I love avacados! I have always heard that canola is kind of right up there with the bad oils. Don't really know for sure but I have kind of stayed away from it. Is canola a food? And grapeola I have never heard of that.

It is so great that there are so many different options and that we can find what our bodies like and need! Great post! And yep me and my fam love that potato soup too!

Red said...

They are now supplying raw cows milk at Nutrtition S'mart up by the turnpike on Port Saint Lucie Blvd and Bayshore. Check them out and good luck!

Allana Martian said...

You know, when I was growing up, we walked down the road to the local Mennonite farm and dipped raw milk straight from their cooling vats, paid them a couple bucks and headed home with it. I don't ever remember having problems with phlegm from drinking that milk. Now though, even with organic milk, I have a tendency to accumulate phlegm in my throat if I drink it. Also, if I eat a lot of cheese and/or ice cream, it makes the joints in my hands hurt quite a bit. Consequently, I have sworn off dairy almost completely. Now, if I have a bowl of cereal with milk the milk tastes sour to me. There is a book out there and I think the title is "Don't Drink Your Milk". I haven't read it, but I have heard that it's good!

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