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Friday, July 11, 2008

Eating Again: Produce Pick-up

This is a list of what I got from the Organic Buying Club yesterday. I will be adding how I use it and who eats it and likes it. Lauren is also keeping track of her share.

I am often home on Thursdays mornings on pick-up day. Picking up a new share keeps me accountable in my kitchen. I know I need the room to clean and store fresh produce. I have gotten in a routine of cleaning out the fridge and using up left overs before the new batch comes home. I also have to clean my sink and counters so I can get to work with cleaning, chopping, storing the new food.

I love coming home in the evening with the fresh veggies, sorting, and tasting. It's like an adventure. We stir-fry on Thursday night. It is quick and easy and always a little different from the time before. John and I have the stir fry, the boys dig into the fruit. I had the left-overs for lunch on Friday. I had used up all my veggies from last time except for a few pieces of garlic. This stir-fry included a few veggies I had in the house from other shopping: green cabbage, mung beans, and tofu.

broccoli - few into Thursdays stir fry
baby bok choy - stir fry Thursday. I sauteed the thick stems with the onions and added the leaves last.
carrots few into stir fry
eggplant Sauteed with fresh squeezed lemon juice
escarole lettuce Looks like John and I are going to be eating a lot of salad.
romaine lettuce Juiced with oranges from the next pick up and apples from the farmer's market
vidalia onion - stir fry on Thursday
green peppers - gave mine to another member who was really looking forward to having peppers
spring mix salad, salad, salad
yellow squash- stir fry thursday Unfortunately 2 went bad before I used.
zucchini- stir fry thursday, I made this yummy treat seasoned to comply with our nutrition regimens. :) She said her kids love them! Seasoned slices with salt and pepper, coated with whole cheese and Roano cheese. John ad I ate most of them. William did his vomitting trick. It satisfied my cheese craving.

This fruit is going to be eaten quickly as a snack. We all like all this fruit.
valencia oranges - gone by Friday. I may order a whole case next time.
green grapes smoothie, grapes are a great sweetener
santa rosa plums snacks
bananas -disappeared by Saturday
blueberry - made some blue berry pancales for the boys. They were fussy about eating them.
strawberry snacks
golden kiwi - came with the share and I also special ordered a whole case. We all loved the golden kiwi. I sent a few home with Nate(not much, I am selfish about sharing my food), our teen friend who stays with the boys on Friday. He loves kiwi. Our host was wondering what I would do with a whole case of kiwi. I have a lot of mouths to feed. I think its going to go fast.

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