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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fresh, Healthy, Organic Produce

I am so spoiled with this organic produce co-op. It is so fresh and delicious. When I run out and have to go elsewhere, its not always easy finding produce this fresh except at the farmer's market which is not close and competes with other things I need to do on Saturday morning. The organic grocery stores are an hour away.

I can see why people don't want to pay extra for organic at the conventional grocery store. It's just not always as fresh and doesn't "look" worth it. Often it looks and tastes nothing like what I get in my share. You have to know what you are looking for.

At first I didn't believe it would taste better. My taste buds have been spoiled since. I hate running out but I do run out with as much produce I eat.

This is what I got this past Thursday and what I've done with it ( I still owe you links and updates in my last food post.)

The red is updated on August 2nd.

bok choy-put in soup, use like onion in omelettes, stir fry ( I separate the stalks and leaves)

carrots- put in soup, salad, eat raw... million things to do with carrots

cauliflower- Grandma Irma used both heads to make a souffle

kale- Thursday night stir fry, some went into green smoothie Friday morning. I ratione my kale to last so I could make a smoothie to take with me for breakfast the morning of the exam.

curly parsley- Grandma Irma used one half a batch to make chimi churi (its like the dipping sauce for fresh hot bread you get at restaurants, yum) and dried the other half. The other batch I pulverized with Romano, olive oil and nuts to make pesto.

red romaine- washed, spun, and put in sealed ziplock bag So much lettuce from this week and last. Today I put some through my juicer with an orange and apple. It was actually good. John liked it. I have a little more lettuce to repeat this.

cremini mushrooms- will go into stroganoff and the other half I gave to the boys nanny.

vidalia onions- Thursday night stir fry, soup, in Grandma Irma's sauce so many things to do with onion. Jo hn eats them raw in salads.

jalapeno peppers- Grandma Irma pulverized with olive oil and salt and I froze in ice cube trays. We can defrost as John will use. Too hot for me. You can see how Dani made frozen baby food. We used the same idea. We defrosted our first cube today for John's soup.

alfalfa sprouts- salads, omelets

zucchini-Thursday night stir fry

strawberries-William and David devoured

white nectarines - snacked on

black plums- ate fresh and cold

bananas chocolate smoothies without sugar, snacking, we all like bananas

blueberries snacking and smoothies

raspberries snacking and in smoothies

golden kiwi all my Kiwi are gone from my special order and the regular share

And a special order of a case of Valencia oranges

The boys have eaten many. We served them to Scott's birthday guests. The boys like me to cut slice them into 9 slices like a tictactoe board (rather than like a pie). The center slice (with seeds and fiber) they don't eat. So I have been putting the center through the juicer. Grandma Irma made tea with some of the rine(?) and the rest goes to compost. Oh and we sprouted a few seeds. I transplanted into pots.

Irma is sprouting the pepper seeds and kiwi seeds to plant.

all of these are gone. Mostly the boys ate them by the dozen. I ate the cuts they rejected. We used much less juice this past week with all the oranges in the house.

David enjoying sucking the juice out of an orange.

Want to join the co-op:

I went to the Farmer's Market this morning because we were out of everything!

Organic Buying Club for more info.


Jen said...

Send Grandma Irma over to my house! Those oranges look awesome! So there is that new grocery/health food store (Nutrition Smart I think it is called) that has opened in the new plaza space on PSL Blvd just west of the bridge over the turnpike... not too far from you and I am amazed at the size and selection. You should go by one day and check it out.

Anonymous said...

We ain't sharing our grammy with nobody.
William and Scott

Lauren said...

I'm sad to have missed it. Mike loves the organic parsley and I haven't told him that our sub got it on Thursday. There's not a lot of produce in the apartment here and I can tell a big difference in how I feel.

Oh and Grandma Irma rocks! I can see why the boys don't want to share...

flminivanmama said...

Hey Denise - you should say HOW to get all that awesome produce!! :D

Here's a link about the co-op

and if anyone is looking to join they can call 305-868-2136



Permission to Mother said...

Thanks Andrea for the reminder. The informatuion was in my post from the previous share, but I have been a blog slacker while studying for my board exam.

I have just updated several posts from the past 2 weeks. Come back again!

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