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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kids--Eating Healthier

In response to a comment observing that my kids are eating healthy in a previous post, I left this comment. I wanted to build on it, and bring it to the top of the blog.

My kids may have breastfed into their tweens, but when they wean they go straight to McDonald's with dad. Well... not that literal, but I can say that for the first two years in practice (and before) all our diets were absolutely terrible. I really hate cooking, but I have enjoyed eating healthy.

I'd be concentrating on the office... John would take them out... their Nanny would take them out as her treat to help me... we'd bring them home some food brought into the office. We let their teen sitter make them a tray of Mac and cheese, Before you knew it all their meals were crap. No one was aware of what the other is serving. I hated cooking so much, I welcomed anyone willing to feed my kids and taking the responsibility off my shoulders.

I have noticed over the past few weeks their diets are better. Especially with making notes of who's eating the produce has helped me to see this. They are eating much more variety in fruits and nuts: melon, kiwi, oranges, pluots, pineapple, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, peanuts, pistachios. Weird they liked chop up mushrooms in the sauce I make. I don't see them eating much greens, but they finally like tomato based sauce which I add many veggies, too.

I get many of my grains from The Cooking Lady (AKA, Red) and Cheryl. They buy them bulk and grinds them in their own kitchen. Eating healthier sets an example for my kids. Kids are great for holding us accountable.

A few weeks ago Scott said to me after drinking soda, "Ever since you have been doing this Organic stuff, my stomach hurts when I have soda."

A few days ago John brought home KFC. (I didn't touch it.) Scott felt sick afterwards. Can he really be that sensitive. I am happy to hear it! The change in the boys has been slow, but it's happening!


fitncrafty said...

D, I am so happy to hear that! I am glad that you have continued to be persistant with your efforts. I knew that they would pay off eventually. Well it is eventually! From what I am learning, yes they(anyone) can be that sensitive! Amazing! Keep it up. I am looking forward to a chance to spend some time chatting. I have LOTS to tell..

Munch75 said...

It has been amazing seeing how you use your organic produce! I can see how it helps you see who is eating what. I really hope my son doesn't take after my bad eating habits. I will say I am feeding him organic baby food and smushing up real food (avacado & bananas so far) for him when I can. I really want to try Danielle's way of making baby food, just haven't got to it. Maybe this weekend! :)

The Cooking Lady said...

That could be a good thing that jis tummy hurts when he drinks soda. I may have one amonth and I split that wiht my daughter.

Congratulations on your improved eating habits!

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