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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sugar-free End Point (2 of 2)

So what is the foods I miss the most?

I am really not craving anything with sugar, right now or on a daily basis. I have found many alternative ways to prepare sweet food.

From leavened breads, what I missed most was the bread I made in my bread machine. That is what I broke the bread fast with last week. I had one piece and haven't had any since.

From dairy, I'd like a good piece of cheese.

Often foods that you eat the most of is what will show up in the sensitivity test. One thing I realize is that as I successfully eliminate sugar, dairy, bread, there will be other food items I eat more of and new "rotating" sensitivities will build up. Then other things to eliminate.

The other thing I realize is that this has been a journey from a highly processed diet to a diet of whole foods and minimal additives and preservatives, if any. Finding out what I am sensitive to started me on a journey to whole foods. I may not have gotten their the same way as the raw food diet advocates, the Genesis diet followers, or the true vegetarians, but I got to a very similar place following my own individualized plan. I realize that there are some people that should never have wheat or dairy or whatever. I am not under the impression that I have a particular food that I should never have.

A great "psychological" end point for me would be to do repeat testing in several months and see the cane sugar on my safe list. But retesting means I will also see new things fall onto the intolerant list. If I am having symptoms, it is worth repeating and see where I am at. If I am not having symptoms, I don't know that I need the hard evidence. It would be nice to not be dependant on lab tests.

What if I don't know sugar has "cleared" and I consume some. I am afraid that it wouldn't take much for cravings and insatiable appetite to come back. However, I have removed the preservatives, additives, and many pestistides out of my diet that go along with a processed diet and sugar intake. I have significantly decreased my toxic load to my body. I don't think a little sugar is going to kill me when I compare it to all the chemicals that are out of my diet. Cane has sneaked into my diet a little in hidden places and I didn't get those cravings back instantaneously. Yes, the were small doses, but it shows me that moderation is okay. In the process, I have also learned about processed sugars. If I really need to use sugar I can use a sucinate or other organic, less processed form of cane.

The same analogy could be said for bread. Eating my own breadmachine bread, eliminates all the unnecessary preservatives found in store bought bread. I see that as the goal: realizing that I have healthy unprocessed options. There are a few local sources of fresh bread. You bet its worth the effort to get the higher quality.

Another time I'll post more about dairy replacements. That's worthy of its own post.

So the end point is learning about nutrition and healthy preparation of food (doesn't have to be cooking, it can be raw). Learning how to shop for it. Learning how to plan ahead. Feeling better. Rotating food on a daily, weekly, and seasonal basis. Not eating the same thing everyday. It is good to think about food. Before I never thought about food. It just went right into my mouth impulsively, half the time not appreciating it. It is also realizing there are times for exceptions and fun food.

I had to be SHOCKED in to reality by seeing sugar in the red. No other diet would have ever worked. I am in control of my food choices now and I am successful on this eating plan.

Other topics I want to cover very soon:

My family's food sensitivities
Alternatives to leavened bread
Sugar-free (elimination diet) and pregnancy
Food intolerance related to the breastfeeding
Starting Solids and Food Intolerance
Recipes from the blogging community
Why I am Juicing

and more...

Clicking on my sugar-free label will take you to all my related posts.


fitncrafty said...

Denise, The commitment you have made is incredible. I don't think that the path you have taken to good health through nutrition matters, what matters is how much WE have all learned through your journey, and although I have had my own incredible journey it's the sharing that helps us all to grow so much.

Tam said...

Oh I am so loving your blog! Your journey is so interesting and very inspiring! Also I'm so excited that you have been trying and enjoying my recipes! Not eating out for 9 months Wow that's impressive! I have found you can be creative in eating out and find places that have a few natural and healthy dishes. Most places are pretty good to work with you. And for social I love inviting people into my home for a home cooked meal. Many don't get a truly homemade meal very often and I find that they quite enjoy it!

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Tam, I enjoyed reading your thoughtful comments that came through on various blogs on my blogroll today. I plan on leaving comments on yours with each recipe I've tried. For clarity, I have not eaten out since my second test result. I rarely, rarely ate out before that though. Mostly, I found out the food wasn't compatibile if I did go. I ate out a lot before my testing. I'd love to hear more about finding nutrition friendly restaurants.

I haven't been brave enough to cook a meal for anyone. I'm not consistent enough about getting good results. Before all this if I went to a potluck I brought the paper platess and forks.

fitncrafty said...

I remember a time when you cooked for me, it was always delicious! The best thing is to keep on cooking. Your results will be consistant, and no matter what your health is better! No one is perfect. I am exhausted from writing 3 essays today, so no blogging for me.

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