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Friday, July 4, 2008

Sugar-free End Point? (1 of 2)

I've been thinking about food a lot lately. One thing on my mind with my elimination diet is "how far to go?" "What's the end point?"

I've dwelt on the sugar-free component of this detox because eliminating sugar is so profound. Other food items came up with various levels of intolerance, but the emotional side of removing them from my diet has not contain the same level of social/lifestyle change.

If the baker's yeast (leavened bread) and cow's milk protein showed up in the first test as strong as they did, yes that would have been the end of the world (going without sugar once DID seem like the end-of-times), but on repeat testing 9 months later my diet had become so much more vegetarian based, it didn't impact me as much.

So where I am today with this. I've been over 2 months without cow's milk protein, and leavened bread (I broke my bread fast this past week.) I am continuing my sugar-free aspect. I have posted previously on hidden sources of cane sugar in my diet. Even though my goal has been sugar-free for the past 9 months, 1 1/2 months ago I was still finding small doses of cane in my diet. FYI- I don't eat red meat either.

Since my test results on May 24th I have not put anything in my mouth I have not prepared in my own house with the exception of fruit. For the most part, I haven't eaten out in 9 months. That's is the hard part. Food and eating out is so social. It seems like you cut yourself off when you don't go with the crowd. Fortunately I have found a new "crowd." Or should I say, through blogging and La Leche League(!) contacts a new crowd has found me. I have found many interested in what I am doing, even if not doing it to the same extreme, still very appreciative, respectful, supportive, and fascinated by what I am up to. I don't have to feel isolated socially.

So how far am I going with this? I took the sensitivity test because of concerns over painful acne break outs. On most days my acne is much better. That's in check. My sense of well-being is so much better and other symptoms I didn't realize I had. That's in check. I have lost over 30 pounds without measuring and portion control. I could stand to lose more weight, so that would be a good reason to continue on with strict sugar-free--it's working for me.

More on the social side, I haven't gone out of town much wanting to stay strict and not put myself in challenging situations. Fortunately I have not had much places to go. I am looking forward to some activities away from home coming up and not sure how I am going to maneuver my diet. We've been invited to neighbors tonight for a holiday celebration. They don't know of my detox. Not sure what I will do.

I will be out of town a night for my boards. The night before my boards IS NOT when I want to indulge in foods that will leave me sick, bloated, head-achy for the day-long test. One part of me wants to tell me, chill out. The other part of me tells me to pack and carry my healthy foods. It seems very important that I don't give-up on what's working on the most critical day!

End point (and food I miss) to be continued...

There is going to be more food related posts coming up. Other topics I want to cover very soon:

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Alternatives to leavened bread
Sugar-free (elimination diet) and pregnancy
Food intolerance related to the breastfeeding

Starting Solids and Food Intolerance
Recipes from the blogging community

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and more...

Clicking on my sugar-free label will take you to all my related posts.


fitncrafty said...

You never cease to amaze me. You could come here on vacation and I could promise you no sugar, no dairy and whatever else your heart's desire! It's a lot of work, but hey 30 lbs that's amazing! That's a child, so think on a health standpoint, you have done amazing things with your health. Cutting down or out your dairy will probably help the acne. I am grateful for milk alternatives, and finding great blogs to help further my cooking. I have SO enjoyed this cooking, my body feels better, I feel better. Thank you for your support, although you aren't here, it's been great to have it. I know what you mean about feeling isolated, I packed a cooler full of food to take with me. I will survive.

Red said...

I have a similar but different situation with my daughters vegetarianism. When we go somewhere, that is a potluck, I always make sure I take a dish that is meatfree. For if there is absolutely nothing there for her to eat, then she can have the dish we brought.

As Mrs. Crafty stated in a previous post. We(not us) are so entrencehd with the S.A.D (Standard American Diet) that having to later, if only slithgly, a diet or recipe, people want nothing to do with it.

My daughter has been a vegetarian since she was 8&1/2, she will soon be 15. People still make fun of and ridicule her. She is getting better with her quippy remarks, and her father and I have pretty much given her free reing to stand up for what she beleives in, save being rude or using profanity.

So when we travel, we make sure we take waht she and the rest of us can consume. Annoying and trooublesime, but a necessity all the same. We feel your pain Denise.

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