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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay Photos

Found some floods today. This is the office parking lot.

This last one is Scott checking out the wake created by the car. You bet Scott went next.


Trish Chibas said...

Wow! How did you get into your office? Did you bring your water boots?

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

Wow! Good thing your office is up high! Our office faired the storm without issues, so I worked, blah.

Permission to Mother said...

Trish, We got on our boogie boards, of course!

Yes, I did bring flipflops and change. The West side of the building is higher than our side.

Danibee said...

Wow... I'm glad your office is up on a stem wall... you'd be in trouble if it were on the ground! That area got hit bad. You're in SLW, right? Glad you didn't get too bad on your street... just enough for the kiddos to play!

The Cooking Lady said...

A friend fi mine took me to a local produce stand which is literally around the corner from permisison office. Oh my stars.

The river next to the park(which is also around the corner) had been flooded by the had crested...scary. The streets we were on were fine and dandy, but everyting east of US1 is heavily flooded and the streets are blocked off so no traffic can get past!

We are fine where I live, but there are others I know who are unable to get out of there houses. Ick. We had a few broken branches, but other than that we are fine.

But good golly, this thing was stationery last night when I was watching the weather channel. 3 days over Florida and she ain't done yet. Got to love Mother Nature!

Permission to Mother said...

Dani, Your company was the builder for our office. I think they knew the area floods and designed it well.

crispy said...

WOW!!! I am so tired of this storm and I am ready for Fay to move on. Sorry we missed you last weekend.

pearly1979 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danibee said...

Yea - my company rocks. I knew we built one of the buildings, wasn't sure which one.

I used to date a guy who's family owned that WHOLE piece of property (including the chiropractor's office/house) all the way back to the river. I understand they still have their house back on the river... I wonder how it fared?

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