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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day Back

I got back yesterday late afternoon from our trip. I was expecting a million messages at the office to take care of. Not much. I was prepared to have a full and busy day today. The day started with a phone call waking me up. Child care arrangements cancelled due to storm. Next I check my e-mail. Should the employees come in. My response was, "I am coming in. Except for the one who lives the furthest, give everyone else a choice. If they want to come in, they can. If they want to stay home and take care of business at home they can."

The employees who lives within a few miles all came in. I was impressed. Many of the scheduled patients cancelled. I had a few same day adds on to my schedule. But overall I was not busy to justify hanging out in the office all day "just in case." I really hate not being available so many days in a row. It looks like I chose good days to be away judging by the fact that the messages were minimal and/or easily handed. You, blog readers (or those who know to check the top of the blog), have an advantage knowing what's going on and how to reach me. I have a lot of readers but actually it is a VERY small percentage of the practice check this blog.

On my way home I picked up plenty of fruit and nuts. You can imagine if I sent John for this errand we'd have a zillion cans of Spam. John gets bored easy at home, on his 1/2 day off today he volunteered to get my cell phone fixed. (Hear that mom, my cell phone works again!) He brought back M&M's and chocolate bars. I think he really went for a "fix" and not really because he cared about my cell phone. He was afraid to get stranded with just my fruit.

I like the photos of the rain that several of you posted: Christy, Trish, Dani
Did I miss any? I didn't see too much exciting water today (except for raining all day). So, no pictures here. If it rains all night it might be different tomorrow. Planning for a busy office day tomorrow....

1 comment:

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

Laugh, John didn't want to get stuck with your fruit?! Hehe.

Hubby just went to work, only to be told to go home. So he'll be home with Alex today, I'm headed to work shortly. All SLC offices are closed, so it PSL and FP ... be safe! :)

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