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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is Scrapbooking for Me?

I jumped right into scrapbooking when Creative Memories was introduced to me about the time William was turning one. I did an album of his first year. The album ran into Scott's babyhood. I took my wedding photos that were neatly organized in sleeves and put them into another scapbook album.

Guess what? I wish I never made the first album. I hate them. They are in a plastic box in my closet. I put them in there prior to a hurricane and never took them out again. I never look at them. I wish I just kept my photos untouched and uncropped in sleeves. My rejected photos are all over. My scrapbook supplies take over my closet. Like everything in my house they are very unorganized.

I didn't scrapbook the 1 1/2 years I didn't work. I don't see any sign of me getting into it again now that I work all the time.

I do see myself as a photographer. I don't take photos if they are going to need cropping and stickers and distraction to display them.

I went digital when David was about 6 months old. I did put his precious early photos in sleeves and many have been scanned and published. Now I got files all over my computer of my kids. I like taking the photos and having them. If I ever went back to scrapbooking do I need to print all them? Yikes!

What is all the fuss about scrapbooking? Seriously I don't get it.


Christy ~ Munch75 said...

Scrapbooking? Not for me. Atleast your pics are in sleeves ... mine are in boxes from the hurricanes of 04/05.

Make sure you're backing up your digital photos/videos. Most people don't think about it, but if your computer crashed, you may lose your pics.

I'm paranoid I'll lose mine, so they're in three places ... computer, external hard drive and CDs. I just bought an 8 gig thumb drive so I can copy all of my pics and put them in our fire proof safe. Alex's pics are too important to lose.

Permission to Mother said...

just to clariy-- my photos were in sleeves until I started scrapbooking. It became a mess after I started scrapbooking. Isn't it suppose to organize you?

David's initial photos are in sleeves. I do need to back up the digital photos. Any suggestions on how to do it efficiently?

pearly1979 said...
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crispy said...

I haven't scrapbooked in years. My kids love looking at those books and I am glad that they are done for them, but...who has the time these days???

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

I think the easiest way is the external hard drive or a thumb drive.

CD's are simple enough to make, but they only hold so much, and I'm guessing you have lots of pics.

An external hard drive will cost around 100 bux and hold more than enough, you can back up your entire computer on it and still have room left over.

A thumb drive is small and portable and I think they have up to a 16 gig out now. 8 gig is not big enough for ALL of my pics, but atleast my most important ones. I currently have 8.33 gigs of pics, I'm guessing you have much more than that.

Let me know if ya need help, it's very easy to set up.

Natalie said...

You need to get Scrapbook Factory digital software. I just make the kid's pages of everything from the past year between Christmas and New Year's. You can design your own pages but there are hundreds of already designed templates, so all you have to do is find one you like, double click to insert the pictures, print off a copy for each boy, and there you have it!

womantowomancbe said...

How to do it? Get my mom to do it! :-) She does CM (for other people, actually, when she's caught up with her 9 grandkids). I've got an album for my wedding (still totally blank, but the outside color matches my bridesmaids dresses); and an album for my oldest child (done all the way through at least the first month of life). He's almost four years old now. I like doing it, but all the stuff is at my mom's house, and when I'm there, I don't just sit down and *do it*. Besides, she's doing an album for each of my boys anyway, so that gives me an excuse. :-)

But, if you've got "rejected pictures" -- TOSS THEM!!! You will not miss that picture when somebody accidentally walked right in front of the camera. Just like you would delete a digital photo, you just need to "delete" the real pix (besides, you've always got the negatives).

If you *really* don't like to look at the scrapbooks, just get rid of the scrapbooking stuff! Cheapcycle, freecycle, or yard sale! (Or sell it to my mom.) Then reprint the pictures you cropped and cut so you'll have them in the sleeves. But I gotta say I prefer having them in albums -- a lot of times I take more than one picture just to make sure I've got a good shot, and then I end up with too many of the same picture, and then need to weed it down. And I enjoy looking through the albums -- it seems I never look through the miscellaneous pictures; and when I do, it just gets them more disorganized than before; but I will look through the albums.


Permission to Mother said...

Christy- Most of my photos are backed up on the hard drive now. It was really easy.

Natalie and Kathy- Thanks for the other great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I'll take all your scrap booking supplies if you don't want them. lol :) I don't do what most people think of with scrap booking. I don't mess with my photos. I do create books of memories with all the cards that I receive for birthdays etc. I have made about two scrap books filled with quotes, letters, some photographs, bits of beautiful images from cards, news paper clippings, etc. They chronicle major moments in my life. I am due actually to make another scrapbook. I think each one covers a little over a decade. :) C and M

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