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Monday, August 11, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Once upon a time, I left in a heartbeat to fly or drive anywhere adventurous. I had a calender and a map with destination goals and monthly goals to go somewhere "new." This lasted from my residency, through my urgent care years, and the year 1/2 I lived in Georgia and seemed to end abruptly opening private practice and having 3 sons. The last time I went on a plane was when I was pregnant with David. I took William and Scott to Seattle to visit my sister while John worked like a slave (so he says). He didn't want us to go, but I knew after David was born, I would be tied down with 3 boys and a practice and it would be along time before I went anywhere.

We do nice things on our weekends together (when we have off) as a family. But it has been four years since leaving Florida. We've had office hours, call coverage, children's activities, exams, family illness, not being prepared for change-of-climates, and sheer exhaustion keeping us from packing. Tonight I finally made my plans. I am taking the three boys to New York to see my sister and cousins over labor day weekend. John will hold the fort. (Don't feel sorry for him. He has taken the boys on a few "man" trips with his brothers and he can go this year, too.) Before, I couldn't imagine why you needed a travel agent: you just pack and go, right? It's been so long since I made any plans, I forgot what to do. My Internet experience got me through the booking. I am so excited. My boys are so excited. We need some time away and together. We need a change to broaden our experiences. We need to see my sister, BIL, and kids! I am actually going!

Not only that, we have a special 5(!) day weekend this weekend, too, staying in state and seeing all the grandparents and we have a few special activities packed in between visits. So stay tuned, right on this station for further developments. I know it will be a long season of working hard and sticking to activities & curriculum, I am so glad we have this chance!


The Cooking Lady said...

I am so jealous. We have not had a real vacation since do the math.

Peopel underestimate the power of a change of scenery. It clears the mind and lets you come back and be a better mother, sister, wife, know what I mean.


fitncrafty said...

WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am excited too!!!! So are my kids!!! Yeah!!! And to eat with someone that likes healthy food as much as I do!!! Yahooooo!!!!!

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