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Friday, August 22, 2008

THE Produce List

I've been out of town every other week and I am so happy its not interferred with getting my produce on the opposite week as scheduled. Lauren posted her list first. I copied and pasted and like her ideas. Jen and Trish will you post what you are doing with your produce.

By the way, its been a year since I submitted myself to alcat and got my results. I have not had store bought ice cream, cookies, candy, soda, sweetened juices for over a year. I have been experimenting with homemade cookies and healthy smoothies. I got the smoothies down. The cookies need some more practice.

Here is what we got:

Romaine Lettuce- It's been washed and torn into pieces, ready to go for salads. I've had a salad spinner that my MIL gave to me years ago. Until Lauren commented on how she cleans lettuce with the spinner, I HAD no idea what to do with it. Now, I find myself taking it out often and cleaning greens and herbs.

Swiss Chard- I will be going to Mike and Lauren's for dinner when he cooks up a yummy treat with this. ;) With mine I am using them inplace of green caggage in myunstuffed cabbage recipe. I took a batch as a bonus. Might make pesto with it. Yep, I made pesto with it. I spun it clean and dry, put it in the blender with olive oil, pine nuts, lemon juice, garlic, romano (or parmesan) and s & p. I added the little basil I had to take the "green" taste out of it. I had extra to freeze.


Carrots- Shredded one for a salad last night. Orange smoothie. I had the juicer out. I juiced a few carrots and added it to the fruit in the blender.

Plum Tomatos- Salads also makes a good sandwich with avacodo, mayo, salt and lemon juice. (I hold the mayo.)

Cremini Mushrooms- I traded with Lauren for her bananas.

Alfalfa Sprouts- Salad. Never put them in smooties yet, but it sounds like a great idea. Put a handful in the omelette.

Celery- Used in soup or raw. I don't want it to go bad before I leave so I cut it up raw for snacking.

Red Cabbage- made red cabbage soup with ,1/2 the cabbage, potato, carrot, onion, seasoning

Green Beans- I loved the recipe Lauren posted in my comments and used green beens in place of cucumber in the salad. I had everything else.

Sugar Peas- Mike likes to prepare these with butter, garlic and parsley. That sounds good to me, too. I might just start snacking on them raw.

Cantaloupe- Snacks

Oranges- Kids eat them like crazy.

Plums- Snacks

Bananas- chocolate smoothie and fruit smoothie and snacks

peaches - snacks, smoothie
Green kiwi - I've enjoyed the golden kiwi very much. There is almost no comparison. I'll snack on or add to smoothie which ever comes first.

Organic Buying Club for more info.


Lauren said...

I almost forgot that I once made a salad w/ avocado, cuke, tomatoes, sprouts, lime juice and s&p. Your tomato avocado sandwich recipe reminded me of my salad recipe.

The golden kiwis are great, aren't they?

April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Oooh, all of those sound so yummy!

Trish Chibas said...

I think I just might do that. I can promise you won't see anything exciting as I am just learning how to cook but maybe you can offer some EASY suggestions.

Permission to Mother said...

Lauren, Great salad idea. I made it with green beans instead of cukes. Trish, it doesn't have to complicated. I prefer simple. Raw ideas always work for me. April, I like your profile photo.

Nikki said...

Thanks!! I know, I have a lot of blogs!

My "everyday" blog that I post on every few days is the one you commented on,

My Dominican trip blog is but I won't be posting there again until may when I am back in the DR for 2 months.

My Ethiopia trip blog is but again, I won't be posting there until I am in Ethiopia.

And then there is Blogs for a Cause

So really there is just the one that I post on regularly, but I like to keep separate blogs for my trips, and thats where it gets to be a lot :) Funny you commented, I was just reading your book a few nights ago when I was lying in bed. I had read most of it before I left for the DR, but forgot to bring any books with me, so just finished it up this week- it was awesome and I learned SO much. I really enjoyed it.

Lauren said...

Can you share your cabbage soup recipe? It sounds good. :)

Permission to Mother said...

Basically that was my recipe. I didn't measure. I haven't used soup bases (lately I save my vegetable and chicken liquid). It would work with chicken or meat. MIL uses frozen yucca in place of potato. I covered the veggies with water. Most important use just a little vinegar to your soup to keep the cabbage red.

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