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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Social Networking Before Computers

Looooong before e-mail, yahoogroups, blogging, myspace and face"place," my junior high school friends and I wrote notes to each other. We folded them up into cool shapes. We used colors and lots of abbreviations (I can't think of what any of the initials mean now.) We kept track of our boyfriends and crushes and whatever else was important to us. On the top is eight folded notes that I kept all these years. I actually kept a whole entire box of them (I tend to hoard e-mail, too). Below, I opened up one of them, so you can see the detail that went into them. At night I wrote back everyone that wrote me and distributed my notes in the morning at school. This was so much fun! I looked forward to receiving my notes. Memories......

Now I look forward to receiving my e-mail and comments. Anyone else old enough to remember doing this? These notes are about 30 years old. You can click on the photos if you want to see them better. I bet these girls would be fun to blog with. I should go search for them now. :)


MamaOnABudget said...

Yup - I have a bunch like that, too (just threw out a TON more when cleaning out my mom's house)

A few I recognized
SSS - Sorry So Short
LYLAS - Love Ya Like A Sister
FF - Friends Forever
And I *think* AFAAF is A Friend Always And Forever

The others... you're on your own =)

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

Laugh ... That's neat you've kept these!

I'm 33, but we did this in high school! I found lots of similar notes when I was preparing for Alex's arrival. Sadly, they were trashed.

You know those black & white composition books? A guy friend and I use to exchange that in between classes, I still have one, it's so neat to read them years later. Of course most of the people written about I don't know anymore.

I saw a classmate at the Farmers market yesterday ... even 15 years later you still stop for a quick "HI!!!" That is one of the great parts of being born/rasied in this area, you tend to know people all over the place.

Trish Chibas said...

Awww...Memories! I was the note queen in High School. And if a teacher found us swapping notes during their class they would take them and read them out loud.

Nikki said...

I am 19 but I used to do this!! In fact, I kept a bunch of mine too!

pearly1979 said...

I have a box that contains some of these as well. And I also hord emails too! It drives my one friend crazy. She can't tolerate anything in her inbox while mine currently has 6786 messages! LOL

crispy said...

Denise, these are too cute. I also did this. Mostly jr. and sr. high. Not as much in college. I don't think I saved any.

Oh the memories...somehow texting just isn't the same. I love the different colors, the folding, the bubble-like shows so much.

Permission to Mother said...

Thanks, mamaonabudget.
PTO I remembered is Please Turn Over.

Sarah, Yikes, I have 3000 in my inbox. I put many of my groups on no-mail and I check the site.

Miriam said...

I didn't save any, but I remember doing that. Another thing we did was use a spiral notebook and pass it around. Each person would add a couple lines to the page and it would just go on and on like a never-ending story. I wish I had kept one.

Lauren said...

Great post! I remember passing notes as early as 5th grade. The correspondence was always something out of a Judy Blume book. You know, like- "Hey, did you hear that Jane got her period last night? She was talking about it in gym this morning. Boy, I wish mine would come." Oh, those were the days!

Lauren said...

Oh, me again. :)

So as a 2nd grade teacher, I intercepted my fair share of notes. Funny stuff, I tell ya! I also received a lot of notes from my kids. I saved a lot of them. I'll bring one to the next pick-up. It will touch your heart. :)

Wife to the Rockstar said...

We totally did this. Thanks for a great memory!!

Tam said...

How fun that is just neat! I bet those are lots of fun to go back through and remember the "good ol' days!" And that would be way cool if you found that they had blogs so you could reconnect with them!

Christine said...

How funny. I remember folding my notes to my friends just like this.

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