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Friday, August 29, 2008

Wrapping Up David One Last Time

It makes me so happy seeing so many mom's enjoy their babies in the many types of slings and carriers available and then share about it. I haven't had the need to use a carrier in several years, after all David is almost five. At home I'm familiar with his limits in walking. In our daily "rut" he keeps up most of the time. We hardly do anything out of the ordinary.

In anticipation of new territory and lots of walking on our trip, I decided to bring my wrap along. At 42 pounds, he was passed the weight limit of my well worn sling. The firm fabric in my wrap still has plenty of support.

I was thinking an ergo might be most appropriate on this trip(an easy in and out), but it was a little crazy to get one now and not sure that I would even need or use it at on our 5 day trip. I wish I knew more about them when we could have really benefited from one all along.

Sure enough David conked out getting around town, " I can't walk anymore," "My legs hurt, " I am mad and thirsty."

I had my handy dandy 5 yard wrap ready. I am a little rusty on getting all the twists right and he was not very patient with my fumbling around, but finally I got him in and he was quiet. I walked about 1/3-1/2 mile like this. He felt really secure and overall I was comfortable, as comfortable as you can be with a 40 pound weight on your back. I was actually surprised to see the photo and see how low the fabric came across his low back. He felt like he was in there pretty good. (I love the photo anyways! Thanks Carrie.)Unlike a small baby, he did keep his own center of gravity leaning forward so we were "one." Carrie said he wouldn't keep the fabric up. The fabric over my shoulders distributed his weight. I do wish I reviewed my babywearing DVD in my trip preparation for better efficiency.

This wrap is the same wrap David is packed in, in the photo on my banner.


Jen said...

You still look like a wrapping pro to me! For me the wrap is the hardest baby wearing tool. I hope to perfect it when the new baby shows up. I think it would be a cool photo display to have pictures of David on his wrap through his different ages!

Lauren said...

David looks content up there! It's a great feeling...

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Great photo, I didn't know you could use it on your back. Now you have me thinking... I bet I can carry my toddlers that way with the wrap!

Permission to Mother said...

C, With the T-shirt material it may not work as well to have a toddler on your back as with a non-stretchy fabric. Let me know how it works.

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