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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do we have any control over cancer and heart disease?

I've just finished listening to the audioversion of the book, The China Study, the largest nutritional study done to date. Author Colin Campbell concludes that the answer to cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, etc... is known and within our control.

I was well aware of how the formula industry is destructive to breastfeeding.

I am familiar with how pharmaceutical companies have their own interests in mind when it comes to research and your health isn't their priority.

I have noticed that in every chapter in my medical books suggests more fiber, less fats, more produce, etc... but without emphasis, just a "little" suggestion.

I've have noticed that nearly anything that comes labeled with Busch, Kraft, School Box Tops should not be eaten.

I was not aware of how powerful these food industries (and meat and dairy corporations) are over nutritional research. Meat and dairy industry are to good nutrition what the formula industry is to breastfeeding: undermining, financially self-motivated and selfish.

I find some parallels in my my life to author Colin Campbell.

He grew up on a cattle farm certain that beef and dairy does a body good.

I grew up being fascinated how OB's deliver babies and nurses feed babies (and I drank a lot of milk and ate tons of ice cream. But I was never much of a beef eater.).

We are very similar in that our later experiences totally changed our earlier perceptions.

Systematically he describes his life on the farm and his strong beliefs. In his academic research he expected to find that meat and dairy protein would prevent cancer in Asian children. He found the exact opposite, "Animal proteins, all of them, are dangerous to our health: leads to heart disease and cancer." As he continued to do research, all his studies confirmed the nutritional benefits of plants and the hazards of animal protein. He describes how big corporations are covering up these facts in the name of profits. Research and spending continues on to find cures and supplements, however nothing replaces good nutrition.

He has been a vegan (no meat, no fish, no eggs, no cheese) for like 15 years after giving up all that fresh milk and beef from his own cattle. It makes me think about my nutrition and the impact on my long term health. I know in the past few months of having a mostly plant-based diet and I feel much better.

It makes sense to me that the antioxidants and enzymes in plants would suppress cancer growth, prevent arteriosclerosis (an inflammatory condition), improve sugar regulation, fat metabolism (cholesterol and obesity), improve blood pressure and much more. Fortunately, his research also shows how some of the damage can be reversed.

Before you drink that milk, I recommend this read.


The Cooking Lady said...

I have been a vegetarian(again) now for nearly one month. I had been a vegetarian when I was pregnant with my daughter. They told me then to combine my plant based proteins to get a complete protein. I never did and still my hemoglobin was the likes they had never seen.

Goes to show you what a plant based diet can do. When I moved back to Florida, I fell off the wagon(not having any moral support, coming back to a mostly, heavily meat eating family) and just recently left meat out of my life again.

I gave up meat this time to be supportive of my daughter, who has been a vegetarian since she was 8&1/2, she is now almost 15. She did this on her own accord, and since I had prior experience, I could guide her. Oh the questions we got...I mean get.

This time I feel differently about leaving meat out of my life. It was a much easier transition, and feel more tolerable;e of those who still chose to eat meat, for 15 years ago I was a vegetarian snob. I now know that works for us will and does not work foe everyone else. All I can do is educate people.

What I do find odd is that my daughter and I are always asked about our diet and what we eat and yet, I do not ask meat eaters what is on their plate. So I have come up with a quippy comeback when thee ever popular question is asked, "What do you eat?", and our lovely reply(and I know it is sarcastic...sorry). "Everything you don't."

Tam said...

Oh I think I have mentioned this before. But it is so wonderful to see a Dr. who continutes to learn and study. And not assume they learned "everything" in medical school! Especially about nutrition. If all Doctors would do what you do health of American's would change dramatically! I loved reading your thoughts! Thanks so much!

fitncrafty said...

In my studies I have learned an enormous amount of information about phenomes and genotrophic (chronic) disease. All environmental factors effect our phenotype (the way our genes play out) what we eat, if we exercise, and what types of toxins we are exposed to. I even think that attitude has everything to do with health.
I don't believe for a minute, that just because a grandparent or parent is obese, or has cancer or diabetes that the children and grandchildren are 'destined' for it as well. Unless of course environmental factors are the same, thus why we see whole families that have heart disease, diabetes, or disease. However, it doesn't have to be that way.
As humans we have choices. To stay away from chemical laden foods, meat, eggs, fish etc. We also need to be educated as to what foods will give our own bodies the best nutritional benefit. Plant based diets are great, because the food is most rich in nutrients with the least amount of calories. Keeping our digestive system happy and thriving and with that our immune system is free or 'foreign' agents that cause illness.

Red said...

I just went to the library this past Friday to get a copy of The China Study and they did not have a copy. So I requested a copy for me and an audio copy for my husband. I have finally realized he cannot read more than two paragraphs without losing his train of thought.

He listened to the entire CD collection of The Secret, and loved it so audio books for him it is.

But the library had to put it on order, for none of the libraries in our county have it. So, I wait!

Permission to Mother said...

I contacted Bert at SLW, who often helps me out, to see if they can get The China Study into the library system.

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