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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Babywearing at the Airport

I'm glad David let me practice wrapping him up--after the playground episode-- when I wasn't under pressure to haul him somewhere. I feel like we got it right this time (and I like the photo William took of us). I had a strong haunch the airport and trip back was going to be a challenge. Sure enough when we got dropped off at the airport, he was "done" with this trip and walking and doing anything else that required energy. I effortlessly got him wrapped up. My hands were free for drinks, the phone and text messaging, the other boys and the tickets & ID checks. I felt comfortable.

This last photo I actually wrapped him while I was still in the airplane and scrunched in my seat When I got off I called John to tell him where we were without worries of David wandering off or throwing a tantrum. Actually he was sleeping and the alternative would have been to carry him and my bags (yeah, right) to the baggage claim. I am more impressed than ever with the power of baby/toddler/child wearing. I can appreciate what a difference it makes to wear one properly and have a well-made one to distribute the weight and confidently carry.


fitncrafty said...

Glad that you were able to wear David and get home safe and with a little peace of mind!

Danibee said...

Wow... he looks very comfy. I have a trip coming up in October. I'll have to bring my 5 yards to my next appointment and you can show me how to wear Nati on my back (I'm scared of that one).

crispy said...

I am so impressed that you were able to carry him. There are times that we "back pack" Tissy who is 8 and not quiet 50 pounds. My arms give out after not too long. I would need to practice a LOT to be able to do it on a plane. Very impressive.
And the fact that you traveled so well with the kids on your own. =)

Lauren said...

Wow! I never realized you could wrap an older child like David. I'm sure he was loving being up there on Mama's back!

My Ergo came in handy in the airports when we traveled to and from Switzerland. Ruby was in the Ergo while I used the stroller to push the car seat and diaper bag to the gate.

It also came in very handy when I went through customs coming in and out of the US & Switzerland. I just loaded up all my luggage, car seat and stroller onto a cart (all by myself) with Ruby on my back. The onlookers were impressed.

I travelled this way on trains, trams and city busses. I never left home without it!

pearly1979 said...
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Christy ~ Munch75 said...

I would have never thought you could wear him, that's great! I'll have to remember this as Alex grows up!

I wore Alex when we had to fly to Missouri, it was great, my hands were free and he was happy. He fell asleep almost every time.

The Cooking Lady said...

That first photo he looks absolutley giddy. I love the smile of a child!

Becky R said...

I love the idea of your little one on your back. Thanks for the tip that we can carry older kids too. -Becky in NJ

Permission to Mother said...

I really wouldn't have thought much about the possibility of wearing a 5 year old on your back, either.

A few years ago, I saw a video on babyweaaring in emergencies. Mostly it talked about using whatever cloth or clothes you had available. But it also talked about an older child who usually is mobile, but might not be able to flee long distance in an urgent situation.

I kept this in mind as I planned my trip knowing I might face situations (not necessarily emergencies) as I planned the new activities we would be doing on our trip.

Permission to Mother said...

I got asked a few times about David being too heavy. I wanted to answer here.

There are a few carriers that will accomodate a 45 pound child. You have to check the weight limit. "Properly worn" is the key. A 15 pound baby improperly worn will hurt your back. I know because, I wasn't very good at carrying my first sons. Persistence and good technique pays off.

I haven't been in a situation again, since the airport, where I'd carry David around, it is good to know in a unique situation where his little legs can't keep up, I have a way to tote him.

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