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Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Question About Sugar From a Reader

Q:For the no sugar thing, do you eat fruit and drink juice, is it just "no unnatural sugar" you consume? This confuses me.

A: Cane, sugar, fructose, carbohydrates once all confused me too.

I eliminated cane sugar for a year (except for when in retrospect I found out that it was in carmel color, dried cranberries, and other hidden places). As I now intentionally re-introduce cane, I am going to use sucanat, a less processed form of cane sugar, (also called organic cane juice) when the recipe calls for it. After a year, I feel like I probably maxed out on the benefits of a total elimination of cane. I'm not interested in going back to my old way of eating. (The carton of Breyer's Mint Ice Cream in the morning (and all day), the bag of Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano's in the afternoon, and a huge bag of M& M's for dinner. Or something like that. ) I'm not even craving that stuff now.

Now and all year, I eat tons of fresh fruit, tons, tons, tons, of fruit. Fresh fruit is the natural form of fruit sugar (fructose). It is not cane sugar. I drink less and less store bought juices as time goes on. Apple juice and orange juice usually don't have added cane sugar. They made a nice "transitional" snack/drink until I had access to even better choices. Now I am happiest to eat the fresh fruit or juice the fruit and drink it fresh.

After a year of sugar elimination. I want to concentrate on a more variety of plants in my diet and eating at least half raw (Smoothies and salads). I will watch for cane reactions. Hopefully I won't be having that much sucanat or organic sugars to elicit a reaction. I am thinking that with all the healthy produce I eat to make my body strong, my body should be better able to cope with my "sensitivities."


Tam said...

Great info! And I hear you about that no going back thing! It's not a diet it's a lifestyle right! I have had my current "diet" for over 7 years know way to much to turn back now plus who would want to! ;)

Becky R said...

Thanks for answering my question. I am praying about eliminating sugar, but did not want to give up fruit and orange juice. -Becky

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