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Monday, September 8, 2008

Step 1-- Green Smoothies

Since journaling is a part of the 12 steps program for better nutrition, I am going to start by writing about where I am at with each step. I am no expert, but I am not a newbie either. Writing this out will help me get organized.

Over the past year a few patients who had severe food sensitivities would tell me all they could have is (generic) smoothies. I don't think they meant green smoothies, but it got me started on fruit smoothies with my safe foods. Then I found out about green smoothies in May and I started blending greens into my fruit smoothies. And I had a new meal! Because I have been making so many smoothies, my Oster motor was wearing out. To replace it, I got a Blendtec, which Green Smoothie Girl recommends. It was here when I got back from New York. I love it so far. By getting the blender through the GSG website, she sent me her 12 step book. I am using it as a workbook. It is like GSG is right here with me telling me what to do. Where to get things and providing recipes for each of her steps.

Since I have been drinking Green Smoothies, my goals to master this step is to get in my quart of smoothie a day. I've been averaging about 2 cups and then whatever my kids leave behind. My husband has been drinking his 2 cups and my kids drink a little also. It looks like my niece Ariana loves them.

These questions in the workbook for this step:

1. Was it hard to drink one quart of green smoothie every day? Well, sometimes I feel like spinach is growing out of my ears
2. Did the rest of your diet change as a result of the green smoothies? Diet was already changing.
3. Did you notice any changes in your health? My skin has been clear. My endurance is much better.
4. Did your cravings for unhealthy foods lessen? yes
5. Have you noticed any change in your weight? My weight plateaued. I lost 30 pounds very slowly going sugar-free. And nothing more for a few months now. I hope to lose some more implementing this program.
6. Did your sleep change? Wasn't a problem.
7. Did your elimination change? To much information for this blog.
8. Did your energy change? I have plenty of ENERGY.
9. Did anybody comment on how you looked? Everyday.
10. Did you have any symptoms of detox? A year ago getting off of sugar.
11. Did you have any negative experiences? Nope.
12. Would you like to continue drinking green smoothies? Yes.

On to step 2....


fitncrafty said...

Yes Ariana does love them. Thanks for sharing this information and not to much! ;)
Yesterday I enjoyed my smoothie with lunch instead of for breakfast. I have had a smoothie for breakfast or with lunch or fresh juice everyday, It's amazing how much more energy I have. Can I get more energetic???

Kristen's Raw said...

I love the energy from fresh green juice and green smoothies, and knowing that I'm filling my body with loads and loads of nutrients.

And, I love my Blendtec, too :)


Katrina said...

Do you recommend the introduction of green smoothies for a breastfeeding mom? Obviously the nutrients are great, but I remember reading in Sears' books that the body stores toxins in fat and therefore the breastfeeing mother should be careful about losing postpartum weight too quickly and excreting toxins into breatmilk. Is this correct? Could there be a similar effect with the introduction of green smoothies or any other type of detox/cleansing diets?

Permission to Mother said...


Green Smoothies as on would be excellent addition to the breastfeeding and/or pregnant mother's diet. A green smoothie is nutrition and it can only benefit anyone who consumes it.

I've heard a lot of discussion about "toxins" and weight loss in breastmilk. I could not tell a breastfeeding mother who is motivated to improve her nutriton not to. Breastmilk is not toxic. There is nothing better (or less toxic) to feed your baby. You should fear the ingredients in breastmilk replacements more than any "theoretical" toxin in breastmilk.

I am not endorsing any quick weight loss programs. I can't speak for all the detox diets in a general way. I can provide some individual counseling. When I say I detoxed, I took sugar and preservatives out of my diet. That's not harmful to breastmilk. It benefited me in many ways. Please don't hold off on your own good nutriton because you fear poisoning your milk. I didn't use any supplements to detox.

PS- I am a breastfeeding mother.

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