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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Step 5-- My Herb Garden!

Step 5 is a big money saving tip! It is planting your own garden and eating what you grow.

I started a porch garden. it's made some progress since I last wrote about it. Recently, I've had a few edible tomatoes, basil, chives, dill, and alfalfa sprouts. My big tomato plant did not produce fruit. I'd like to know why.

Right now, this is what I have growing basil- used a big batch in delicious pesto, need to plant more

oregeno- growing wild (in the photo), I'd like more ideas for oregeno

thyme- barely hanging on

cilantro- barely hangin on

rosemary- grows wild and I don't know how to use it

chives- chop off a bunch for soups

Savory is still sprouts


mint- using in drinking water to flavor, last night I put it in a vegan pudding recipe in place of peppermint oil. I used my new Blendtec to make this. :) Also put a batch together with a rubberband a put in the bath water.

purple basil- not sure what to do with this

lemon basil- not sure what to do with this except to season chicken. I've been eating less chicken, so I haven't tried this yet.

parsley- everytime it grows it gets caterpillars. Need to move it to the screen porch.

Pinapple- when we eat fresh pineapple, I take the tops a put them in the ground (thanks to Regena's suggestion). No fruit yet. Jensen Beach is, afterall, the pineapple capital. Hopfully pinepple can do well at my house.

I have sprouted an orange seed (its a little thing). It's in a pot. If it grows more, I'll decide where to plant it in the ground.

I have a new container stawberry plant.

I have a few baby eggplant that need to be planted in ground.

I've also sprouted and planted pepper seeds. Peppers usually grow like weeds. Too bad I don't like them more.

I've been sprouting alfalfa in my kitchen. This is easy!

After glancing the 12 steps book, I feel inspired to do more. ( I don't think I am saving money with this measly garden :/ )She has ideas for people like me who live on zero lot lines (or apartments). It's got me thinking about using the porch and land behind the office. (Lauren, you got a ton of land!) For now I am going to hang on to more seeds ( a few mango seeds have sprouted) out of the fruit I eat (maybe later I can use them in the garden). I want to thoroughly work through the first four steps and complete my assesment on my blog where I am at with the next steps so my progress is documented. (Aren't you dying to know what the next steps are?)


fitncrafty said...

Your herbs are beautiful! I am SO glad to hear that my baby eggplants made it to Fl safely!
I have cucumbers coming out my ears.. I am sharing with my neighboors now!1` They are beautiful!!!!

Tam said...

Oh I love that you can grow mango and pineapple! I know what it's like not having land to grow stuff on. We have a very small yard. We have put flowerbeds all around our house and have started gardening in them. We grow tomatoes, peas, peppers, onions, squash, I hope to grow more greens next year I have started on some herbs and hope to have more next year. We planted a dwarf peach and apple tree out front instead of having shade trees. The peach one actually has about 7 peaches on it this year. And they are almost ripe and smell so good! For some reason though our tomatoes and peppers didn't do good this year. I wish I was better at this gardening stuff it's so much trial and error and lots of work. But it's fun to watch things grow and it tastes so good!

Permission to Mother said...

Tam, the right conditions exist here to grow mango and pinapple--hot tropics all year-- but there's been no fruit yet. The mango is just a sprout. It would be a few years before it had fruit on it. I have had several bad tomato years. I figure if I keep on trying sooner or later I'll finally get it.

Lauren said...

It was great chatting with you today! I love hearing all about this, as you know.

I'm also intrigued by the idea of growing your own food. I saw lots of impressive gardens when I was in Switzerland this summer. It got me thinking about doing it. Perhaps next year...

Allana Martian said...

Ooo! Rosemary? Here is my favorite recipe using rosemary. Peel and thinly slice enough potatoes for your family. Place them in a bowl and generously douse them with olive oil. Add a chopped onion or two and a bunch of chopped rosemary. (pull leaves off the stem before chopping) Cover with foil and roast in oven (350) until tender. Remove foil for last 15 minutes of baking. Do you eat chicken? If so, jam rosemary, onion rings and thinly sliced lemon up under the skin and also inside the chicken cavity. Roast. Yum!!!

Robyn said...

Lemon thyme: put them in sugar cookies. (I know, that doesn't sound like me!) You've helped me remember that's a recipe I want to develop--a nutritious version of some unforgettable cookies a friend made years ago. It's on my planner for Friday: develop lemon thyme cookie recipe.

I'll substitute whole-wheat flour for white, coconut oil for butter, no-aluminum baking powder, and free-range eggs. I still wouldn't call that "crazy-healthy," but it's a far cry from typical cookies!


Kati said...

Your containers look great! I've heard pineapples take about two years to produce one fruit, so hang in there.

To answer your questions, nine months out of the year I get almost all my produce from the farmer's market. Late December through mid-April the market closes and I get most of my produce from our amazing co-op, Greenstar. I can still get a fair amount of local produce (think onions, squash and apples), but I don't eat a strictly local diet, so I get whatever is organic and looks good.

As for the future, I have plans for my first veggie garden next spring, and I hope to store some food next year through freezing and canning. Right now all I've preserved is a bag of strawberries sitting in the freezer! I'd love to have a root cellar, but that's further down the line.

Hope that answers your questions. See you around soon! :-)

Becky R said...

HI! Your garden looks way better than mine. But we are getting some tomato and eggplant. AND WEEDS! Are those eatable? lol -Becky in NJ

ps, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog

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