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Monday, September 8, 2008

Steps 2 and 3, Eating Salads Every Night and Eliminating Commercial Dressings

Step 2 Is Eating a Salad Every Night. I "think" many of us think we do this, but don't. By salad, the program doesn't mean just the same salad every night. The salad with dinner can and should use the variety of green's, raw veggies, a fresh fruit salad, or creative party salad. You can see by having a smoothie and a large salad everyday there is a significant amount of raw, unprocessed food in a daily diet and that doesn't seem that extreme, does it? I need to keep track and see if I actually do have a salad everyday.

Step 3 Is Using the Three Best Fats in the World by eliminating commercial dressings and using fresh homemade ones. Olive oil, flax oil, coconut oil (and other nut oils, walnut, sesame, almond, grapeseed). Interesting John pours commercial salad dressings over his food. I have never been a big fan of salad dressing, so I am going to have to learn to make and add "good" dressings. Where I am at with this step? I have not had commercial ketchup or mayo in over a year(because of sugar). I did make a mayo recipe in the Blendtec and had tuna and egg salad. That was good. Tonight I made a basic vinaigrette from the workbook. John thought it was too oily (but he used his Kraft instead???), in fact he told me to stop using so much oil. I told him, that I am not eating any other fat, and I need this healthy fat in my diet. And I continued, Why don't you stop eating all the hamburgers. He backed off and said that I had a good point.

With John resistant to give up his Kraft and me not used to dressings, I've got something to work on here to find the right tatses (but not really a big deal to work on). The organic, unrefined oils may also be another source of raw. Question-- if I am eating all this raw stuff, why is my kitchen such a mess?

Can you imagine if all my patients with chronic pain, cardiac disease, high cholesterol, depression, fatigue, insomnia, low milk supply, wheezing, and pregnancy issues just did these three steps? You don't even have to know how to cook to incorporate these first steps (which are nearly common sense) into your own nutrition.

Step 4 continues on with the fats and teaches how to use them in your beauty regimen. For fun, I might skip ahead to this step. :)

BTW-Each step/chapter has money savings tips.


fitncrafty said...

This is a great post! The reason that I have taken to the green smoothies is because I just don't eat a green salad everyday, mostly because it does make a mess and take lots of time. I do eat lots of veggies, I will work on making more different mixed veggie salads and see what I can come up with.
What sort of 'kraft' dressing does John eat? I have a few great cookboooks with homemade, I may be able to get you a few more recipes.

Permission to Mother said...

Last night he had a blue cheese kraft dressing. In the 12 step workbook (as I am calling it) there is several salad dressing recipes. I thought it was a non-brainer making the basic olive oil/vinegar dressing and adding the options he chose. Guess, I was wrong! :(

The Cooking Lady said...

We too are ridding our frig of commercial dressings. I do have one dressing recipe on my blog, it is a basic Italian dressing, but you will need to substitute the small amout of suger with whatever you use...not a big jump.

I am still looking for a homemade catsup recipe, which will be tough for my son devours that stuff. And a BBQ sauce recipe. I just need to get off my duff and to it.

If anyone has the Book Nourishing traditions, then go there and you will find good, homemade recipes that should fit into your healthy lifestyle. said...

Denise, thanks for posting your comments and experience doing my 12 Steps program. I want to be a nurturing voice to people who want to change their nutrition.

And as you've noticed, I've put the ones I think are most important up front, in anticipation of some people falling off the wagon. If you do nothing but step 1, you're ahead of 99% of America. Not that we're comparing. :-)

But I find that people get so excited about step one, that they want to go further and further down that rabbit hole I live in. Why get a little healthy when you can be bouncing around like the Energizer Bunny?

Anyway, you're doing brilliantly and I tremendously admire your work, the rigor of medical school and practice combined with the personal research and experimentation of nutrition and "alternatives" to drugs and surgery! A doctor who values the instincts of a mother, fabulous! Everyone should have a doctor like you.


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