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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sugar-free, Green Smoothies, and Raw

Over the past few months, as I have searched for sugar-free recipes on the net and new food ideas, I usually found myself on a raw food type website. "Raw food" sounds extreme, however when I glanced at raw programs written by different people, I found, my current eating had a lot in common with what was being promoted. I have been quite eccentric about my sugar-free, so its not that big of a surprise that I would be at home on a raw food sight. It seems that a lot of what "they" are promoting is where my own sugar-free journey lead me. I must admit, I am happy to find a "sub-culture" doing what I am trying to do.

There are people out there that eat nothing but raw, but two resources I've enjoyed or related to are actually quite sensible. The New Raw Food Detox Diet doesn't expect you to eat raw all at once. It starts slowly, one meal at a time and also discusses more healthy ways to eat cooked produce and meat (not extreme at all!).

The other source I felt very drawn, too. Green Smoothie Girl (GSG), has a 12 step program. I was attracted to the 12 steps thinking it was for food addicts like me. Really, her 12 steps are changes that you make one month at a time. The first step is including a green smoothie in your diet. Which I have been doing for a while and working the greens up to the full dose. This program includes a lot of raw (salads, pestos, marinades, dehydration), but also discusses healthy ways to cook food and include meat in your diet if you must.

While studying for the boards, I noticed every section talked about treatment, drugs, labs, protocols. The end of each section usually would add a small note about how less meat improves the condition (or more fiber, more produce, etc...) But no real information to help you teach your practice about how to do this. I am so glad to put those board books away and read real helpful information.

I really like how GSG goes step-by-step and teaches you how incorporate changes into your diet. The first step is including Green Smoothies and getting off caffeine and soda. (I don't drink either x 1 year). The next steps are eat a salad every night, learn how to make healthy salad dressings, the 3 best fats, gardening and eating your own, making main dishes using plant food, sprouting, including fermented food in your diet, whole grains, good breakfasts, nutritious desserts, dehydrating. The GS guide also has a lot of useful information to help my kids.

I have found that over the past year, I have definitely moved in this direction on my own. But I am quite excited to have found detailed instuction on how to eat right and not keep guessing. I feel like this will all be consistent with sugar-free and additive-free. But I also feel like it will give me flexibility to eat out when planned (not spontaneously) and when I do decide to deviate from mostly organic whole foods, I feel that eating soooo well most of the time, will help my body tolerate when I do deviate. Part of the GS plan is journaling about your progress. I guess this blog is going to be really cluttered with my food experiments. :)


Lauren said...

I'm looking forward to learning more from you!

fitncrafty said...

Thanks for sharing your valuable information. Seems you have found the nutritional ways that work with your biochemical indivuality. I look forward to reading more about it....

Tam said...

Robyn has great ideas doesn't she! Got to love those green smoothies!

Kristen's Raw said...

Cheers for Green Smoothies and Raw Vegan food :)

It's a great way to easily get more nutrients into your body whether you're going 100% or even 50% :) I'm a big fan of baby steps with the process.


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