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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trying to Eat my Produce Raw

I want to try to eat as much possible raw with my produce this time. I got the high Blendtec blender and this should help me to make better green smoothies.

green beans - steamed and snacked on
baby bok choy- will try the creamed bok choy recipe that came through on the yahoogroup
carrots- I made hummus and will serve fresh carrots, celery, cauliflower, tomato on side.
cauliflower - eating raw. John liked this
red kale - I took all my bonus choices as Kale. I have learned that Kale and dark greens can be cleaned and frozen and used in smoothies. Once frozen it is not good for fresh salads and stir fry, but still good for smoothies. I kept some out for a stir fry I like with onion and apple. The rest has been cleaned and frozen. I don't have to worry about kale going bad.
fennel - Could use some help with fennel. I haven't found an appealing fennel dish. OK-Lauren sent me this link for cole slaw with fennel. This was surprisingly tasty. The onions were gently sauteed to my taste (my taste buds aren't ready for raw oninons) and the cabbage, fennel, and carrots were marinates (ei, raw). I used purple cabbage from last share in place of green and celery seed instead of fennel seed.
green leaf lettuce - salad
leeks - Cooked-- I had a leek soup I haven't had over a year because of the (turkey) bacon and heavy cream in it. I tried to make it last night at my husband's request in a more healthy way. I didn't care much for it.
green peppers - traded for extra banana off the bonus table.
zucchini - don't remember what I did
roma tomatoes - most went bad, surprisingly fast, before I could use.
red seedless grapes - froze many of them. Grapes will sweeten a smoothie and balance all the kale. (BTW- all 4 boys drank green smoothie yesterday and today)
yellow peaches - Found them.
black plums- snacks
bananas snack and smoothie

Fruit share:
strawberries - snacks and smoothie
green seedless grapes - snack and smoothie
green kiwi - went into smoothie

A special order of a case of gala apples David keeps reaching for a little apple. He's probably eaten about 5 today to the core. He clarifies, "I don't really like apples, there is just nothing else to eat." Yeah, that's the point! Get rid of the junk and they will eat something healthy.

Looks like I got plenty of delicious choices to eat raw.


Trish Chibas said...

You just reminded me to post about my produce. Good luck eating your raw veggies.

Lauren said...

I think I want to try making a green smoothie. I've not made one before. Do you have a recipe that you like w/ kale?

Permission to Mother said...

I mostly have been following the video on the website.
Now I have her 12 steps book. I scanned it and now I am going through it. There may be more smoothie ideas in there.

I made the fennel, cabbage, apple, slaw form the recipe you sent me. It was very tasty! I am going to post the link in the blog.

To respond your e-mail. There is a chapter on colon clense in the 12 step book at the end. I haven't looked much at it yet.
And I couldn't imagine why the fennel stalks couldn't be juiced.

Red said...

I have actually considered adding much more raw food to my diet. I could eat raw veggies all day long. But to add that much to make it part of my diet...that is a stretch.

I need to do some research. Wish me luck.

Permission to Mother said...

Red, The same website I gave to Lauren, above, has a lot of info. I also like Happy Foody in my blog role.

I need to post at the top of the blog about what I am doing "with raw." The smoothie is a great way to get a huge amount of raw that tastes great. I've been doing that a while and working my way up to a full serving. Marinated and dehydration counts as raw, too!

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