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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update for Carrie

Dear Carrie,
I've been running non-stop since I got home.
First of all, thanks for sending the photos.
I know you've been wondering... William lost one pound while on the trip. I stayed the same. (His diet was significantly different from all the junk food he usually has, mine was similar, but tastier.) The cucumbers from your garden made the trip home safely. I ate the last one today. I made lasagna and it was good. I tried the bread recipe, nothing special when I tried it.

Our Sigg water containers came. The boys have been very good about filling them with water and not whining for drinks when we are out. I am not aware of them having any soda (except for one vitamin water) since we have been back. They brought their Sigg's to Temple last night and passed on the soda. John likes his.

The boys are talking about all their cousins and the game non-stop. They have told John a million times that your cooking is better than mine (and it is).

I got my audiolectures. I have "The China Study" going in the car when I am in it. It makes good use of my driving time. I am re-reading and making sure I don't miss anything in's 12 step program. ( More in another post.) John drinks all the smoothie or juice I give him. From the boys 2 out of three will drink a given juice or smoothie. Each one has a preference. David liked the "lemonade." That's the one I put a quarter lemon in the smoothie, William, likes it when there is 2 mangoes in it. Scott's been pretty good at trying most anything. I put Hemp protein in the smoothie today. John really liked it.

The boys have thier first Sunday School for this academic year tomorrow. William and Scott will be in the same Sunday class. They had their annual home school evaluation on Thursday; all went well with that.

That's all for now. Good night,


fitncrafty said...

Thanks for the update and for the compliments on my cooking... My kitchen misses you! I can't seem to keep up with the dishes without my kitchen sidekick! I got spoiled with you here! I love having someone to cook with!
It awesome that everyone is doing well, likes their smoothies, juice and waterbottles!
and you are welcome for the photos..

Permission to Mother said...

They bumped William up to the small 7th grade class. I am glad William can be with the older kids. Scott is dissapointed.

I had a liquid measurer and never knew what it was until I saw you use yours.

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