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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bottlefeed? Me?

I wondered what would happen if I was ever in a situation if I would have to give someone else's baby a bottle. I don't think I could do it. Since there is no reason for me to be in that situation, I don't think about it much.

Until today.

An established but new mom in my practice, comes in today with her twins. She has been breastfeeding them until a few days ago when it became to painful. She's in tears. The babies are crying. I ask if she wants me to help her put them to the breast. With pain in her expression, she told me that she just wants to give them her pumped milk. And I truly understand. Just... which one was she going to feed.... and who was going to feed the other?

She gets both propped in her right arm (they are small). Whew (for me)!!! Then she props one bottle against her chest for the twin closest to her and holds the second bottle.

I am not off the hook yet. The "first" bottle doesn't stay propped and the baby is crying ((hunger)). I am sweating this. I have to make a move. I can sense that mom doesn't like this anymore than I do. I take the bottle and hold it up for the baby. I am sweating, more. At least it is breastmilk, I rationalize in my mind. The baby's milk drips out of the baby' mouth and the baby pushes the rubber teat out of her mouth:

"See, I don't know how to bottle feed." I said. That's it, I thought, I am off the hook.

"Oh, Dr. Punger, that's why I come here, because you don't know how to use a bottle!" I feel a lot better.

Fortunately, the baby settled down quickly. The Mom's exam shows a raging mastitis. There was a reason for the breastfeeding pain. I expect that these babies should be back to the breast soon.


fitncrafty said...

What a lucky set of babies and Mom... Most docs could care less if babies are crying or fed. Just move on along to the next patient. So kudos to you!
Your patients are truely blessed!!

Tammie said...

Oh what a great story. I love it, that's why she came to you cause you DON'T know how to bottle feed. I hope you took that as the amazing compliment that it was! And dang that Mastitis I have only had it a few times. But I have a sister who gets it regularly. She has figured out how to stop it in it's tracks. She takes a herbal Lymphatic formula and a Mullein and Lobelia ointment rubbed on the breast. She says 24 hours it cures it. When we were on a road trip together a few years back because of all the traveling I wasn't nursing as often and got Mastitis I was glad she was there and that I had my herbs with me cause it got better overnight!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

You are the best. You care so much!

Anonymous said...

I would have no clue how to bottle feed either. I know we did when DD was little, but DH was doing it, while I pumped (until you of course fixed the tongue tie and got her back on the breast!)

Kudos to the mom who will be breastfeeding twins. Mastitis is no fun.
- Kristen

Red said...

Mastitus(sp?) was the reason I gave up breastfeeding nearly 15 years ago with my second and last child.

Not that his is an excuse, but back then I was a cup size of 32-I, yes you heard right ladies. Since then I have had a reduction and feel much better.

I also did not have the wonderful support system that you could have offered me.

Kristen's Raw said...

Hi (sorry if this is a duplicate post, I had trouble posting a moment ago),

I'm still reading your book and learning so much. What a wonderful treasure! I had no idea you could induce lactation for adopted babies - WOW! And, I had no idea you could donate extra breastmilk - so cool!

Thank you for being who you are!!!


Permission to Mother said...

Update-mom is feeling better and the babies went back to the breast within 24 hours. It's such an extra stress for the mother when she can't provide nourishment at the breast and this mom's outlook was so much better. She was relieved.

Trish Chibas said...

For some reason I never read this post. But today, while "stalking" your blog I came across it. It's so sad that this poor mom had to go through this but I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see your face while you tried to help with the bottle. I'm glad the mom was able get back to nursing. I remember I use to try and give Brianna a bottle when she was first born and it was obvious she preferred the breast. I would get so anxious. Finally, I just gave up trying with the bottle and things have been fine since.

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