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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cool Opportunity to Get Raw Almonds at Bulk Prices

First off, did you know that you can no longer buy raw almonds in this country? That's right; our gov't made it ILLEGAL (9/07) to sell almond and almond products labeled raw. They MUST BY LAW be pasteurized/cooked. The law requires almond producers to lie to you. There is a lot to be said for the nutrition and digestability of raw foods. I found a link to a local buyer in CA who can purcase and ship us 100 lbs of TRULY raw almonds. These would be sproutable and I would get us recipes for this, almond butter, etc. They would keep as is for a year, more with refridgeration. The catch is that I must order by 10/30 - they are harvested and available now, not later. If you are interested in a share contact my friend Gerrie who is willing to organize this or leave a comment.

I've been sprouting my own lentils, alfalfa and clover b/c sprouts are so good for us. A young plant is "live" nutrition. (Breastmilk is living and this is the closest to live nutriton I can find for myself.) I feel so good when I eat a variety of spouts. Its easy to sprout. Most are ready over night (like almonds) or within 2-3 days (alfalfa and clover). I've got plenty of on-line resources for what to do with almonds. I've noticed that when I buy what I think is "raw" almonds locally, what I am getting is "natural" almonds. I'm hoping to take advantage of the California harvest. Any other takers?


Tammie said...

I still have a bunch of truly raw almonds from the last time I bought some. But oh they are so good. One thing good about the cold weather comming is that I can start up my dehydrator again and not make my A/C work over time! I love that you are sprouting! Way to go they are so good for you! My new favorite sprout is sunflower sprouts. Have you tried them yet? MMMmmmMMMmmm

Permission to Mother said...

I was justing asking on Robyn's blog about sunflower seeds, but since you brought it up here... do you use hulled or unhulled sunflower seeds.
Also... what dehydrator do you use?

KMDuff said...

What is the difference between "natural" almonds and "raw" almonds? I like them soaked for a few hours before eating as a protein source.

Permission to Mother said...

"Natural" has been flash pasteurized and won't germinate (soaking is futile).

Raw is hard to get and is the kind that you want to get to soak and sprout. Raw is harder to find.

Tammie said...

I have only sprouted hulled you just soak and rise and do like alfalfa until they get a little tail. Those are good but the ones we have been enjoying recently and that I want to learn to sprout are ones we have been buying at the health food store. I think they are unhulled and they actually sprout them in soil. Not sure exactally though they are long and have a couple of green leafs at the top. We love them on sandwiches and salads!!!

My dehydrator is an Excalibur 9 shelf dehydrator. I really like it. I have been known to remove the shelves and "cook" raw apple pie that way. I also use it to thaw out things I forget to take out of the freezer in enough time! (yeah I don't have a microwave;) And of course using it for dehydrating! ;)

Permission to Mother said...

Tammie, Thanks for all the great ideas with the dehydrator!

Katrina said...

I'm hopefully going to be getting some almonds for sprouting, almond butter, etc. We're new to sprouting and I'm not really sure what a pound of almonds looks like. Can anyone make a recommendation on how much to buy for year's supply for a family of three - myself, my husband, and our 8 month old (obviously he doesn't eat nuts yet...actually he doesn't eat much of anything except "boobie" :). thanks!

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