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Saturday, October 11, 2008

How much produce do I go through?

Last week we got:

broccoli - steamed and eaten with pesto. I am going to start blending in a few chunks of broccoli into the pesto now that all my boys eat "yucky green pasta."

carrots - ginger/carrot salad from Lauren

cauliflower - roasted on the grill with other veggies

celery root - cubed and cooked in veg/bean soup

red chard - pesto, some froze and some eaten right away.

fennel - left it on the bonus table

green butter lettuce - didn't come in this delivery

green onion - sauteed in omelets

yukon gold potato - sliced and made fries in the oven, left overs get sauteed with green onions to make "has browns" with our eggs.

shallots- went into my marinara sauce. Did we only get one each?

roma tomatoes- made marinara sauce

gala apples -snacks and juice(with ginger and carrots), a way to get kids to eat carrots

valencia oranges - kids snacks

starkrimson pears - juiced with ginger and oranges. I can get the kids to drink this.

bananas -- these go quick.

Fruit Share:

strawberries - snacked on by William and David and gone before it hit the 'fridge.

honeydew - sliced and eaten immediately. one slice and a few seeds were saved for my smoothie in the morning. My blender grinds the seeds.

star fruit - Scott likes these. They are so hard to peel and eat, we decided to juice them with apples, ginger and carrots. Everyone had this.

This stuff came on Thursday, last week. I went to Sam's last weekend and go more fruit. John bought frozen fruit in the middle of the week, and we are going to the farmer's market this morning. I've made green smoothies everyday, but one. I use agave to sweeten the smoothies, so my kids will drink it. If there is a sitter in my house that morning they get some, too. I'd prefer no sweetener or very ripe banana and frozen grapes), but I have to do it for the kids. I try to drink a quart of smoothie everyday. Sometimes there is too much people to make the batch go around.

David doesn't always drink the green smoothie. Since he still gets the breast stuff, I don't push it too much. I've already special ordered apples, strawberries, AND grapes from the co-op for the next pick up. Since my kids eat them, I have a feeling it won't last long.

I've noticed my kids will scarf the fruit, but if my husband brings ice cream (or dessert) in the house, they won't want anything else. David is the worst. He insisted on ice cream for breakfast and cried and cried. I put the ice cream in a bag and brought it to work since he refused to eat real food. Then it wasn't an issue. And its amazing kids can do well when the option isn't junk verse junk. As you see we go through lots of produce and I am happy for that!


Lauren said...

I love that carrot/ginger dressing. I should make it again soon...

I only got one shallot, too. I think that's all that we were supposed to get.

We missed each-other at the Farmer's Market this morning. Since it was so hot, we only stayed long enough to buy our produce and eat our breakfast crepes.

Permission to Mother said...

Sorry I missed you. I don't usually stay very long either. I get what I need and usually head off.

Kristen's Raw said...

We go through tons of produce every week, too. It can seem like a lot when I have to go to the store to buy it 2-3 times a week, but then I compare that with how great I feel, how healthy I am, and that I'm fueling my cells with the best nutrition.

My mouth is watering for a green smoothie now!


Red said...

We don't buy organic, for that is not within our budget yet. Hopefully someday soon it will be.

But we go to a local produce stand and we get, on average, about $25 a week in produce, and that is going light. I could easily spend $35-40 a week and most of that be in fruit.

My family goes through a bag of apples in about 2-3 days. A bunch of bananas in about the same, and a bag of grapes in about 10 minutes for my son.

We eat tons of produce, and having 2 vegetarians in the house does not help the weekly budget, but somehow we manage and look forward to the day that we can spend more on produce.

Permission to Mother said...

Red, Do you grow any of your own herbs or produce? That would be a very econiomical way to get organic produce.

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