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Friday, October 17, 2008

I am stocked UP!

I am glad I got into the habit of posting this on my blog because when I need ideas on what to do with my produce, I have a record of what I did previous times. I am stocked up with lots of fresh, organic produce because I special ordered ordered extra fruit. We seem to be going through our produce really fast these days. Here is what I've done so far with the stuff I got yesterday.

We got:
carrots - salad
cauliflower - steamed, it was delicious. I ate it all by myslef
red butter lettuce
cremini mushrooms - Traded with Lauren for her bananas
leeks- sauteed one batch with some scallions from last week and kale and apple, I had mine over brown rice topped with curry and nama shoyu.
green peppers- left on the bonus table and swapped out for more of the other stuff. I am so glad I get a chance to swap out what I can't use. I really feel like I get a good selection for the $.
garnett sweet potatoes - cut some into 1/4 inch slices and sauteed in coconut oil on the stove-these came out delicious
alfalfa sprouts- salad
green acorn squash - Delicous Moroccan Stew
roma tomatoes salad and avacodo sandwich
red delicious apples
green seedless grapes- snacking, smoothies, I froze many of them, so I'll have an on going
supply for smoothies. We juiced a few, but it wasn't my favorite way to have them.
bartlett pears- Juiced
bananas- snacking and Ihid some from the boys so I can make banana bread and have some for smoothies
kale- smoothie and sauteed. William and Scott drank this green smoothie this morning
spring mix - salad

Fruit Share:

Gala apples- juicing, snacks
strawberries- snacks and froze some.

And by special order, some extra strawberries, grapes, and apples
I made smoothies and froze them to bring to conference.


Lauren said...

What did you put in your kale smoothie? I tried kale in a smoothie about a month back and didn't like it as much as I like the spinach smoothies...

Your leek/kale/scallion/apple recipe sounds good!

Permission to Mother said...

I didn't follow a recipe. I just use the fruit I had around. Today my fruit was ripe but not overripe (which has extra sweetness). You are right about the spinach--you don't taste it as much as kale and other greens. Berries, like blueberries and any really ripe fruit will help. I ran out of agave, but that helps too. I am trying to minimize how much sweeteners I need to add. My husband complained today that he felt like he was drinking salad. I agree with you about the kale.

I did find these GS ideas.

The Cooking Lady said...

You have got to try my Moroccan Stew. Granted, we use Calabaza squash, but acorn is a strong close second. And not that pumpkins are in season...have at it.

I will let you know now that the spices in the recipe are not so much odd, but do not omit any of the spices. My sister is now officially addicted to the stew. And she has tried acorn and butternut squash, for she cannot get Calabaza in Tallahassee. But she thanks me just about every time we talk.

Permission to Mother said...

Cooking Lady, Thanks for the suggestion because I made it tonight! It was delicious.

I've been thinking about the taste of the kale. I do think the last batch of kale was more mild than this current batch.

I froze some previous Kale and I wonder if that helps improve the flavor. It might. But I haven't been doing it long enough to know if that's it.

I tried adding mint sprigs from my container garden to a banana/strawberry/whatever I have smoothie. The mint is tasty!

Lauren said...

Funny you mention the mint! I've got some in the fridge that I was thinking about putting in a smoothie. I'll have to try it with the kale.

Tonight I made a spinach, blueberry/blackberry/strawberryraspberry (frozen mix), banana & alfalfa sprout smoothie. Pretty good! Mike had a glass and even Ruby enjoyed a few spoonfuls!

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