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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Haunted Bootanical Gardens

Heathcote Botanical Gardens had a Haunted Garden on Halloween. William and Scott wanted to volunteer and be the ones who scare the visitors. I was happy that they did something creative getting their minds of tons of candy. They had a lot of fun. David wasn't interested. He loves dressing up in the house, but stayed in street clothes this night.

Although they did got some candy it wasn't out of control.
We "made" these carmel apples from a kit. For the record the apple is organic.
The kit was not.

The boys do love their treats.
I was wondering if their is a healthy way to coat apples.
I wonder if Tammy's popcorn coating would work on apples. I'll have to try it.


Natacha said...

I was just talking to Barb the other day about her being welcome at our next get together at Heathcote. She was telling me how she grew up right around the corner from there and the kids in her neighborhood used to say that the little log cabin in the back was "haunted" which reminded me of the Halloween Party they threw there last year. I was wondering if they decided to do it again this year cause I hadn't heard that they were , But after reading your post I see they did... I am wondering about how scary it is? I thought with the atmosphere (being that it is in the woods)well sort of in the woods it might just be a little too scary for my little ones... Looking at your boy's costumes I would say my hunch was correct!! WoW Denise they look SCARY !!! LOL

Blessings and Love~

Permission to Mother said...

My sons want to do this next year. It sounds like they will continue the tradition. Not all the gardens were dark in scary, but the gardens made for some great atmosphere.

The haunted house had a lizard, snake, creepy animal display.

Tammie said...

You know I have been wondering about healthified caramel apples myself! I think the popcorn recipe would end up too hard! But I love your thinking. I think if you just find a caramel recipe and then substitute the ingredients like agave for corn syrup, coconut oil for butter etc. I bet you could get very tasty carmel sauce for apples.

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