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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Orgasmic Birth (My Over-analysis)

I went to see the movie Orgasmic Birth this past weekend. Indeed it is a movie that everyone should see to discover the potential and pleasure to be found in the birth experience. John was concerned that I might be pregnant. He was suspicious of why I insisted on going.

Previously, I watched the trailer to the movie which involved a lot of moaning and groaning as one would expect from such a title. I expected to see a movie with a lot of explicit acts requiring your lover to be present at birth.

I--to personalize this--determined after my first birth that my husband was not good for labor support and that I would be better off at my future births surrounded by like-minded birthing women and let John go do his own thing. I was concerned that this movie might contradict my mature and experienced conclusions.

I would have been disappointed if the movie only supported the notion that a sensuous partner was required for birth. So I was glad to see that the movie valued the role of midwives, doulas, and best friends in the support of birth. I was glad to see, what I already know, that birth can be exhilarating without literally "climaxing." Many levels of joy can be found in birth. Perhaps if you don't mind (and I could not imagine) being kissed and caressed during birth, you can have a sexual-type and a birth-type climax. I certainly feel that my 2nd and 3rd births were positively transforming (emotionally, physically, spiritually) and couldn't imagine them being any better. As I have found, each time I look back at my births (even now) I seem to gain additional insights as the years pass. The fact that birth can be a positive experience and you can be in control of your birth (and not one filled with pain) is the main point of this film with many good examples and situations.

My two favorite examples of the births shown is one birth taken place on the couples deck outside. My other favorite is of a sexual abuse survivor looks back on the transformative experience she found through birth. These lovely supported births are contrasted with a typical hospital birth where the helpless non-affectionate husband is sitting on the side of the hospital bed without a clue what to do. His partner gets an epidural and a vacuum assisted delivery. The images of this birth are graphic unlike the other beautiful births. Also unlike all the other babies born outside of the institution, this particular hospital baby comes out bloody and disturbed.

This movie is a must see for the woman/couple and their providers who only knows the typical hospital birth which is most of America. The movie provides the tools to re-examine birth interference and plan for the next birth.

All the babies went to mother's chest. Although this movie wasn't about breastfeeding you could assume all the newborns were going to the breast. Just one of the mothers looking back on her birth put her baby (a few months old) off by keeping her finger in the babies mouth while she was discussing her feelings about her birth. The baby was obviously squirming for the breast. I just wanted to reach in and lift her shirt. How can you have an orgasmic birth filmed and then be shy to breastfeed in front of the camera?

This is not the first birth documentary I've seen. There are several others like the Business of Being Born. Turn off the Baby Channel and TLC influenced by prime-time media and get real with these documentaries.

Just as I analyzed this from a personal perspective it was great to see the pregnant woman who were there watching reconsider what their birth means to them. I know it's very hard to achieve a positively transforming birth in a hospital and one woman to my right said she was going home to tell her husband they were not going to be birthing in the hospital as planned. Yeah for her!

When I arrived home John wanted nothing to do with my movie high. :(


Rixa said...

I haven't been able to see this yet, but I'd like to. I am a very private person when I labor and can't stand to have anyone in the room, even my husband, let alone being touched, caressed, etc. I just need to be left alone to do my thing.

Red said...

I have Business of Being Born on my Netflix Que and cannot wait for it to arrive.

Trish Chibas said...

I'm so glad we were all able to go together. This movie was perfect for me. I am SOOOO aiming for the orgasm! I noticed that lady put her finger in the babies mouth too. I don't really understand why people do that. Not to mention, fingers are full of germs. I thought it was an excellent documentary and I'm trying to talk Philipe into going and seeing it with me.

Kristen's Raw said...


Last night I watched Discovery Health's TV show about freebirth, which I found interesting. While it's not something I'm interested in for my future birth experiences, I still felt empowered after watching it.


Lauren said...

Thanks for the preview!!! I'm looking forward to seeing this on Wednesday.

Last night I watched "Freebirthing" on Discovery Health Channel. It followed 3 or 4 women who had planned unassisted births at home. One woman really was in the "right" frame of mind throughout her pregnancy and she was really confident when she spoke about birth. Her delivery seemed almost "orgasmic" in the sense that birthing was a true pleasure for her. She was so peaceful in her pushing and her baby was so calm after being delivered. What a positive experience!

I have a lot of positive reading and movie watching to do to make up for all those "Special Delivery" shows that I used to watch when I was pregnant.

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