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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sugar Elimination and Green Smoothies Make a Difference

This post is part of the Rockstar's Friday Flashback.

My flashback is to photos of me 15 months ago. I thought I'd show me right before I started my sugar elimination. These were the most flattering photo of the photoshoot. In other words I wasn't trying to take a dramatic "before" photo and as photogenic as I usually am, I didn't care for the photos. (David is adorable, though!). I just came back from the hair salon and was at my best, so Scott took a few photos. I had no idea what lied ahead of me, but I knew I didn't care for how puffy I felt and didn't like the photos. (I'm glad they serve a purpose now.)

This one was taken on my office porch spontaneously at noon today by my office manager, Dino.
It was easy to take shots I liked.

It is so worth getting sugar and artificial ingredients out of your diet and adding in lots of raw plant-based food including juicing and green smoothies. It's worth the time! It's worth the investment!
Warning: This is no fad diet; These results ARE typical of anyone sustaining these beneficial lifestyle changes.

Photoshop is not used to alter these photos.


Allana Martian said...

You look AWESOME, lady! I noticed when I saw you at the office, but I never got around to saying anything! But, I NOTICED!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I have told you before... you look AMAZING! And these photos are further proof of it!

Lauren said...

Mike and I were reading this post together. We both agree that you look great! Three cheers for green smoothies!!!

Becky R said...

wow. thanks for all the healthy lifetsyle tips you have given us along your journey

Trish Chibas said...

Wow! You look absolutely amazing! You look a lot happier too. Kudos to you for making such wonderful lifestyle changes.

pearly1979 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fitncrafty said...

As I am drinking my green smoothie (actually it's kind of purple from the berries) You are right.. it works... it's working for me...
You do look amazing!
Way to go!!!

sam said...

I think you look great in both photos. The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself. Keep smiling. You are so beautiful when you do.

crispy said...

WAY TO GO!!!! You look great! I am so proud of your hard efforts for making healthy choices for yourself and your family.

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