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Monday, November 17, 2008

Tasty Meals From My Produce

Like-minded people, like many of my readers, realize there is lots to eat besides sugar and boxed foods. Lately I have had a lot of people I don't see often ask me how I lost the weight. When I tell them that I eliminated sugar for a year and now doing plant-based and unprocessed they conclude I don't eat much variety. WRONG they are. I am eating lots of tasty food.

Much of this produce has been eaten raw, but you wouldn't realize it unless I pointed it out.

Look at all the delicious stuff I have had since Thursday when I picked this stuff up!

We got:

green beans-lightly (barely steamed, may still count as raw) steamed served on the side of the pesto. Still have tons more.

carrots- We have been using a lot of carrots. Juice, soup, the Moroccan stew for later this week, salads. These don't go to waste. The boys must drink the juice when I make it it in the morning and they are co-operative..

cucumbers - Cut it up as soon as I got home and snacked on it.

spinach- green smoothies, I will freeze some. I haven't decided yet what I will cook with it yet.

cilantro-I put some in black beans and rice (and mint and parsley from my garden, onions, EVOO, lemon juice) David like this dish the best from all the boys. John complained their was too much raw onion in it. The funny thing is, is that he says it's not a meal without (raw or marinated) onions. I like cooked onions, but this time I liked the marinated onions in the beans and he didn't! Go figure out John. I'm glad I have found a raw way to enjoy onions.

We got a ton of cilantro. (Did I order the entire case?) Scott helped me cut a big bunch and I am going to see if some dries out (Like Irma did with parsley.). Also I made the cilantro chelation pesto found on our co-ops site. I loved it! I though it was going to taste medicinal as its name implies, however the soaked seeds made it creamy and tasty. For those of you who don't know, soaking the raw seeds causes them to germinated and become full of live enzymes. This vegan meal couldn't be any healthier. I served it over spelt pasta.

ginger- we've been putting a thin sliver in the juice.

green leaf lettuce- for salads this week

red onions- we use onions nearly daily. John likes them raw in salads. We put them in soups and almost everything. I used one with the beans and rice.

alfalfa sprout- for salads and to top soup.

green acorn squash- this will go in the Moroccan stew

roma tomatoes-saving for the stew

fuji apples- all gone, we just finished the whole case of apples I ordered 2 pick-ups ago.

valencia oranges- all gone. A favorite snack for the boys.

green seedless grapes- Snacked on and all gone.

bananas- Snacked on and all gone.

Fruit share:

kiwis- snacks and smoothies
concorde pears- juicing
golden pineapple- I've got a pineapple slice that easily makes rings out of the pineapple and this time we all ate it fresh. The rest of the pineapple is going thought the juicer.


Tammie said...

It's funny! I know people are very surprised when they go to my blog and find out we eat more then just "salad!" I find we NEVER get borred and seem to have endless variety of choices! Mmmmmm you list of food sounds tasty! And we love cilantro around here. You could blend some up with lime in my Ranch dressing recipe and make a tasty cilanro lime ranch dressing! Also it's great with lime in Salsa too!

Permission to Mother said...

You know, I once thought (and most people probably think) that becoming a vegaterian means eating what the family eats minus the piece of meat.

THAT does not sound appealing.

When you think of eating a "plant-based" meal it opens up the possibilities to so much more!

Mama K said...

So ... are there recipes for these tasty creations? Up here in Michigan, we don't have the variety you do right now (at least not at a price we can afford) but I could use some of these ideas. And how do you make these green smoothies? This is new to me. They sound kind of scary, but interesting. (-:

Permission to Mother said...

How to make Green Smoothies

Permission to Mother said...

I added a link in my post if the recipe is available on line.

The black beans were from greensmoothiegirl's ebook (soon to go to print). It may be on her blog. I haven't looked.

I have several great vegan blogs linked to my blog roll to give you lots of good ideas..

I learned from GSG that spinach, and greens and fruit can be frozen and put in the blender later. I freeze because I can't always use it up. In Michigan you can plan ahead and freeze for the winter. You can't put previously frozen greens on your dinner plate, but you can put them in your smoothies.

Hopefully someone else from a Northern Latitude can give you more suggestions.

fitncrafty said...

I think that all your recipes sound great!
I agree with Tammie that it's not hard to be veg/vegan and have lots of variety. All you have to do is be creative.
In the spirit of eating in season and being up north, I am working on preserving for later and utilizing winter veggies for good meals.
Mama K visit Tammie's blog or mine for more recipe ideas... Tammie's whole blog is on cooking... I make lots of her recipes...

Brianisarockstar said...

On the back end of the Halloween season ...I can match your fruits and vegetables with the wide assortment of candies I have been "borrowing" from my children over the last half a month.

However, I am struggling with my all candy diet ... I am not losing the weight I though I would. In fact, I think I am turning into a marshmallow ... I may need to rethink this :-)

Permission to Mother said...

I thought of another winter tip--Sprouting!

You can have fresh alfalfa, clover, lentils and more sprouts all year round. It only takes a few days to harvest and they grow on your counter. Search amazon or google.

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