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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turkey Shoot: My Well Rounded Sportsmen

We went to the annual Jaquin & Sons turkey shoot today. Here is Scott getting ready to fire his BBgun. No fear! There wasn't real turkeys. It was just a target. You can see it in the background. "Wild Bill Hitchcock"
hit the center and won a gift certificate for Publix.
David (with John's help) won their round, too. (Great! I am the mother of sharp shooters!) But you can see they were more interested in the BarBQ. I claimed the second Publix gift certificate. :)

I feel like a good mother (lol) being able to give the boys an opportunity to get out and do something different and stimulate their creativity.
Last Saturday was a fun day too! We went to the beach with their sitter, Nate and his group. Surf day was planned by a local surf ministry and William and Scott both got on surf boards that were provided (when the waves picked up). There was a great turn-out. Nate's younger brother, Canaan is the other cool surf dude in the photo. I have wondered how to introduce my boys to surfing and skinboard. Finally they had a chance! I've got the next date marked on the calendar.


fitncrafty said...

Love these photos... William looks SO good!!
I am VERY glad that there wasn't any real turkey's but awesome onb the gift certificates!
Did John know that he was going to eat BBQ? In his white shirt? :) My family would have had a little spot right in the middle.

Trish Chibas said...

Well, it sure looks like thay had a good time. I can't believe how well they shot. Your boys are just so multi-talented. You must be proud!

Lauren said...

What a fun family event to attend! Two great Saturdays in a row- what a treat!

Allana Martian said...

Hey! You got a photo of the surfing event! If I had known you were there with a camera, I would have gladly paid you to capture a shot of my kiddos! We plan on taking them the next time as well.

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