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Friday, November 21, 2008

Waiting For David

I wrote this poem at the end of my third pregnancy. I was just cherishing my upcoming birth. I thought I would include it in Rockstar's Flashback Friday. (Note the slope on the fence. That was our yard in Georgia)

Waiting For David

Tonight or tomorrow we could be five
None of us know when you will arrive
It could be next week or go over due
Today we can barely imagine you
Tomorrow we won’t remember
being just four
When we share love with one more
What will I be doing
Sleeping, shopping, reading
When I get that first contraction
Signaling our newest addition
Dad’s off to work wondering if he’ll
get that call
Scott doesn’t want to give up being
“Little Small”
To settle in the middle
He knows you will need to cuddle
And nurse, frequently
William is as curious as any
brother would be
How will you pop-out
And what you will be about
Our family of four
Can’t wait to be one more


Trish Chibas said...

What a beautiful picture! You look amazing. Pregnancy suits you so well. That poem is just as beautiful.

Tammie said...

Beautiful! And the poem was very good too! ;) So sweet! What a fun flashback!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

AWWW. What a beautiful photo!!

Love the sweet poem!

pearly1979 said...

I love this line "How will you pop-out" LOL! Considering how he did pop out!!

Permission to Mother said...

Sarah, That's really observant that you noticed the words "pop-out." I've been intrigued by the choice of words I used at 37 weeks when I had no clue.

KMDuff said...

As a mom about to have #5, I love this poem. Thanks for sharing. Love the photo too!

Allana Martian said...

I love the poem and the photo of you! I wrote a poem to announce our 5th pregnancy. Why do pregnant women wax poetic?

Permission to Mother said...

Allana, Your poem was lovely. I read it in Mother to Mother. I remember it because I have tons of shoes lined up at my doorway, too. It comforted me knowing other families raising many children had houses like mine that were practical and not necessarily like model decorated houses.

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