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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wordpress Blog Question

I'm following a few informative wordpress blogs, but I never get follow-up comments to my e-mail. Please someone tell me how to subscribe so that the comments come to my inbox.


womantowomancbe said...

I think I figured it out -- you can do an RSS feed for all comments on a particular blog -- here's the link for my blog ( and you just may need to subscribe to that like you would to the blog itself. Then you get to see all comments made on all posts of the blog (whether in response to yours or not), which is both good and bad. At least then you won't miss any, but if you subscribe to the comments of any comment-heavy blogs you may get more than you bargained for! :-)

Just fwiw, when I post on this blog w/my wordpress account, I don't get the option of getting follow-up comments sent to my email address. I do have a google account, so on a few blogs, I post w/that identity (and have the option to email follow-up comments to my email address). However, since most blogs I keep up with (such as this one) are used to my blog as my identity, I don't want to "rock the boat," as it were.


womantowomancbe said...

Update -- I'm not sure why my blog has the "comments RSS" link, because I just checked a few other WP blogs on which I wanted to follow comments, and they don't all have that handy-dandy little link. HOWEVER, you can still subscribe to the links -- I did it in Google Reader, and assume you can do it in other "reader"-type things -- by putting in the URL to the wordpress blog you want to follow (such as and adding "/comments/feed" to it -- just like it shows up in the URL I provided for my comments feed for any WP blog.

(And serendipitously, had you not asked me to change the format of my blog to make it easier to read, I wouldn't have had the "subscribe comments" widget at my header to be able to help you out with this. So you really get all the credit for it!) :-)


Red said...

There is a healthy blogger I follow and I cannot even leave comments on her blog and she is with Wordpress. I too, would like to know how to even leave comments on her blog.

Cheryl uses Wordpress and I can easily leave comments on her blog. So what gives?

womantowomancbe said...


Some blogs don't allow comments at all -- that might be it. Sometimes I want to leave comments and have trouble, even on WordPress or blogger blogs. For instance, on the blog "Inside Vaccines", most of the time when I try to leave a comment, it says that I have to be logged into WordPress before I can comment -- and I *am* logged in! A few times on some Blogger comment forms, it won't allow me to log in through my WordPress ID. Maybe just a glitch?


Permission to Mother said...

Thanks for the feedback Kathy.

I am glad I stumbled on to blogspot. It seems to be a perfect match for my needs for my own blog.

Minority said...

On posting comments on WordPress blogs--

if the blog is actually hosted by wordpress, then you ARE already logged in.

if the blog is privately hosted, as many are, then you have to log in to that particular blog.

Confusing, isn't it?

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