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Monday, November 3, 2008

Yummy things I've been eating

Some of the yummy things I've been eating with this weeks fresh organic produce.

Red's Moroccon Stew (I used sweet potatoes in place of squash, and carrots, garlic, onion,tomato from this share), vegan brownies (bananas and apples) all the boys ate, and salads.

We got:
eggplant -- Might try egg plant hummus. Pretty good. I made it!
colossal garlic
rainbow chard -- I froze the leaves to put in smoothies. I seperated them from the stems, BUT I froze the stems to put in soup stock.
green leaf lettuce
yellow onion
green pepper-- traded out for extra oranges and potato
yukon gold potato- sliced and baked into fries in the oven. These were gone real quick.
zucchini squash
roma tomato--used all in morrocon stew
gala apple
valencia orange --boys ate up right away
green seedless grape -- snacks

Fruit Share:
raspberry -- so delicious, I didn't share them. I ate them all myself.
strawberry -- David and William dig into these. I put some aside to make strawberry milkshakes (used almond milk). YUM


Christy ~ Munch75 said...

Mean mommy not sharing the berries! :) It's really neat to see what a wide variety of stuff you get each time and how you use it.

I bought my first sweet potato this weekend! Laugh ... I'm lame.

Lauren said...

The stew sounds delicious! I made a smoothie with 1 bunch of chard, lots of grapes, some cuke, frozen raspberries, flax seed oil, water and some cranberry juice. YUMMY! I like chard smoothies better than kale smoothies...

The Cooking Lady said...

Thanks for the shoutout D, and for those who may not know, eggplant hummus is more commonly referred to as Baba Ganoush. This stuff rocks. I have not posted a recipe yet, but I will soon.

We have discovered eggplant in my home. We knew what it was, but had no blessed clue how versatile it was. I just found a meatless eggplant meatball recipe. Oh My Stars, that is just Wow!

And the Moroccan Stew is to die for, but I think I may have developed an allergy to tumeric. I am now keeping a food diary and hopefully will soon find out what is doing this to me lovely face.

Permission to Mother said...

I agree this batch of chard made better smoothies than the last batch of kale.

Lauren said...

The chard has a hint of "beet" to its taste. I really liked it!

Looks like we're getting spinach tomorrow if the courtsey copy is correct. Yummy! I love spinach smoothies!

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