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Sunday, December 28, 2008

40 Pounds of Grapefruit

Well, I didn't get my produce from co-op this week, however, I found another little gold mine--John's mother's citrus trees were ready for harvest!!

Yea! This is the big catch!

My picking partner, Esther, John's cousin, climbed the tree. Look she is wearing heals. Fortunately for me, she did not want a single one to go to waste.

I got:

40 pounds of grapefruit. I weighed it when I got home. Irma did not want to use any of them. I took all I could except for what her other visitors wanted before they flew out. This juice is delicious. I will be drinking lots of freshly squeezed grape fruit juice in the upcoming days. if grape fruit juice helps you lose weight, I will know. I have plenty. I did not climb the tree. Esther got it all. My job was to wash and juice.

20 pounds of lemon. The are big huge sweet lemon. I would have taken more but Irma uses lemon everyday and stopped me from picking all. I am using lemon nearly everyday, too. My boys love it!

10 pounds of tangerine These have many seeds so I've juiced most of them already. They are delicious. The boys love the juice.

4 passion fruits and a passion fruit plant. :) Where will I plant this?

Lots of bay leaves. Yep, she has a big, huge bay bush in her yard.

In Green Smoothie Girls 12 steps to better nutrition, this would be step 5, plant your own garden. See my last container garden post (my garden has taken off since then). If you can't plant your own garden or have everything, she suggests to share one. I'm not sure I am sharing, maybe happily taking. I have posted before about some of the other steps and I will mark them with a "12 steps" label.

One more interesting tree in Irma's yard: a pomgranite tree. Isn't the little pomegranite cute? Next year I hope this has tons of fruit!


Belle said...

Thank for signing up for the giveaway on my blog. If you make a post with the link to my giveaway or put my logo/store picture with the link to my blog, you can have another entry.

You are very lucky to have a friend to give you all of that fruit!


fitncrafty said...

Looks awesome! I LOVE pomigranite!!!! soooo yummy and good for you!

Rixa said...

I've always lived in very very cold climates and the idea of growing grapefruits and pomegranates seems so exotic! Oh well, I'll have to stick with carrots and onions and cucumbers.

Trish Chibas said...

you look friggin' AWESOME in those pictures! You must be so proud of yourself.

Becky R said...

Hello! So cool. I wish I had a lemon tree. I love lemon. -Becky

Lily Girl said...

Grapefruit is a lot less common in recipes, grapefruit zest even less so, but really, you can substitute almost any citrus juice or zest for any other if you like. Grapefruit granita or sorbet would be delicious and you could definitely add the zest to punch up the flavor. You could also add grapefruit segments to salad and use the zest in the dressing.

For waxed produce I use a fruit and veggie wash. It removes dirt, waxes and pesticide residue left on the surface of produce. You can buy a commercial one like this: at your natural food store or you can make your own I just leave it next to the sink so I don't forget to use it.

The Cooking Lady said...

Hey Denise...can we be friends?

You lucky dog you!

Permission to Mother said...

Thanks Lily Girl for the extra info about the veggie scrub. I have never used scrub and I was getting ready to post to another forum asking about the uses for veggie scrub. I didn't associate it with wax removal.

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