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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things I've been Doing and Thinking

  • We removed the training wheels from David's bike on Sunday "just to see." He didn't ask. John and I had some alone time with David while his brothers were in Hebrew School. David did great. I ran with to get him started and it only took 2-3 tries for him to balance. (Yes, I R-A-N.) A few more tries and he was starting by himself. He is so proud of himself! I was so sore the next day.

  • Taking advantage of David's joy of learning, we continued to make a lot of progress in learning letters. He likes learning. He is the first son, who is proud to learn and be smart.

  • Taking advantage of the fact that running didn't kill me, I ran "3" laps on the treadmill. Walked one, ran one, walked one, ran one, walked one, ran one then walked a few more... hope I am not sore tomorrow.

  • I've gotten 3 e-newsletters this week from a prominent local Women's Gynecological and Obstetrical Group. They are heavily promoting aesthetic services and that department is growing so much they are going to have a separate entrance and waiting area for this clientele. Well, you know if I am having botox and such I would not want to sit in a room full of gravidas, (haha), not. The truth is if I was pregnant I don't want to sit in a room with people who hate how they look when I am trying to find my inner beauty and strength so perhaps its good to move the ugly people away from the radiant soon-to-be mothers-- a blessing-in-disguise.

  • I got brochures from Radiology groups now offering token prenatal ultrasound. C'mon specialist can we stick with healthcare and promoting wellness. Token ultrasounds ranks as absolutely unnecessary and can be harmful. (I know a lot has been written on this topic... any childbirth educators have a good link so I don't have to re-invent the wheel? )I received a request from a prenatal imaging group wanting to talk to me about the birth community. As I type this out, it dawned on me, they were approaching me to solicite me about being a franchise. NO WAY! I knew their e-mail looked suspect.

1 comment:

fitncrafty said...

You guys have been busy!!! Yeah to David for two wheels and you for 3 laps!
I survived my oral exam and now on to bigger and better things...

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