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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Unwinding and Catching Up After THE Exam

This test is over...
My mind is still unwinding(this may be a warning as you read). I don't know when I will receive my score. The two optional sections I chose to do were Ambulatory Care and Pediatrics. I figured that the Maternity Care and Women's Health Section didn't work for me last time, so why stick with them. Picking Ambulatory Care was a good choice. It seemed real relevant and comfortable.

I knew not to plan anything extensive for the Holiday. I wanted to keep it simple and not get overwhelmed so I can stay focused on my test preparation. I planned to stay home and prepare a simple meal for me and the boys. It's been a long time since I have gone home for Thanksgiving: Dividing time between family, being out-of-state, small kids, taking call, etc...

Turned out that the real treat this year was that my mom came to me!

I have never cooked for Thanksgiving for anyone but me and the boys (if you call my minuscule meal cooking). The boys just want what they are use to so I always felt like it was a waste to do much extra. With my mother, we got to enjoy preparing a Holiday feast together. I had tons of veggies through the co-op and bought about every other seasonal fruit and vegetable I could find. I got an organic turkey through the co-op. I'm glad my mother could lead the way for roasting that bird. She brought a casserole (Jewish Noodle Pudding) she prepared ahead of time. She has always made great stuffing. It's worth telling you what goes into it (and I'll remember for next time): Sauteed ground up mushrooms (the only way I can stand them), zucchini, celery, onions, carrots, and apple, walnuts, fresh sage, rosemary, thyme, parsley, parsley, s&p, and bread crumbs (from bread I made).

It was great to have something familiar from mom on the table. We used up almost all my other veggies: home-made cranberry sauce (this is fun to make!), fresh very lightly steamed green beans (no fried,onions,stringbean casserole, in fact never had that), steamed potato casserole, (no marshmallow, sweet potato casserole, never had that either) and some other things she tried with squash and eggplant. So all that was from fresh vegetables. I use fresh almost everyday, but for a Holiday it is a requirement!

The next day we finally got to go out in our boat all together down the river. And my mother even stayed one more night than planned and went to the Farmer's Market with us on Saturday. I studied a little everyday with her here and then I threw her out so I could study my last two days before the test.

What else is up?

Scott had a very thorough eye exam today with Dr. Olivios. The doctor is thorough. He dilated Scott's eye. He took photos of the back of his eye. He homeschools his high school children and is familiar with children with reading difficulties and gave me some resources to add to my pile to examine and decide an approach. Dr. O. thought Scott was quick in identifying letters and Scott made no mistakes and although Dr. O doesn't diagnose dyslexia, he thought Scott processed letters accurately and quickly (which is why I doubted the diagnosis of dyslexia). As we make more progress, I'll share more.

Permission to Mother is in La Leche League's New Beginnings magazine this month! It's a little "advert" and it is their doing. It's not advertising I paid for. I can't help but get really excited when I see publicity for PTM from organizations with credibility and reputations such as LLLI and Motherwear. In my case being self-published means I wrote the book myself. There was no million dollar book deal. There was no one that promised me marketing or distribution (except I knew that outskirtspress would get me on amazon). There was no one that helped me write it except for the editor I hired to edit. I have a hard time imaging some NY Times Best Selling authors (I won't mention names) actually doing the writing day-after-day and then proofing themselves. If you get a book deal there must be a team that takes on the responsibility. I don't know. Anyways, I like knowing that established organizations like LLLI and Motherwear care enough to tell people about my work. I guess I am a bit humble and appreciative. I like seeing the book getting such great exposure! I like knowing that women who need this information have a greater chance of finding my book.

So you see it hasn't been dull, even though I've been quiet. I appreciate all your well-wishes before the test and having some down time this past week.


crispy said...

I do hope that the test went well for you. And that the results are in your favor.

I just finished PTM and I really did enjoy it. So many examples for success and you were so vulnerable from your own experiences. Thanks for wealth of information. My only regret is that I didn't read it 10 + years ago when I was starting off. I am sure things would have been different if I had.

And I can't help but wish you were my personal doctor. =)

Trish Chibas said...

You must be so relieved! Now you can go back to enjoying more quality time with your family.

Tammie said...

Oh nothing like waiting for test results! MmmmMmmm sounds like your Thanksgiving was very GOOD! Your Mom's stuffing sounds really really good! How old is Scott now? I know a man who never really took off in reading until he was 12 but once he learned he was really really good and read like crazy. I think he is one of the most well read people I know!

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