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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winners of the Holiday Give-away

Thank you to everyone who participated in this give-away. It means so much to me that you would repost this information on your blog or space with lots of kind words and place reviews on amazon. I also found some new blogs through your entries. :)
Now its time to announce the winners!

1. The first winner drawn by William is MamaK-- her comment was...
I first heard about your book on your myspace site, which I think I stumbled onto because of some common interest ... birth, maybe, or something like that.

2. The second winner drawn by Scott is Allana Martian-- her comment was...
Ok, this is my 2nd entry in your giveaway! I posted in my blog. :-)

Here is her post announcing the contest.

3. The third winner drawn by David is Beck R who entered all three chances-- her comment was...
Hi! I entered a review awhile ago. Your book is great! -Becky R in NJ

This is her review on amazon. She was one of the first to enter a amazon review!
Must read for every pregnant couple!, February 20, 2008
By Rebecca J. Rivera - Feb. 20, 2008,
"I devoured this book the same day I received it. It is so good. It made me feel good about nursing my youngest for so long with no support. This book will inform you as well as entertain you. In addition it will change the way you see pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing. It will make you think, "I have a choice in all this." I thought I had to do exactly what my doctor said, even when it was not best for me or my babies. The author is a real person and that is conveyed as well. I will be buying this book as a gift for pregnant woman in my life."

She also shared the contest on her blog.

Email me privately to give my shipping info denisepunger at hotmail dot com.


Lastly, there is still time to order through amazon or through my office store to guarantee Holiday delivery.


TopHat said...

Your book came to my house today and I'm reading it right now. I love it! My original intention was to read it and then donate it to our local LLL library- but I might have to buy them a separate one. :)

KMDuff said...

Congrats to the winners! :) It is a good book. :)

Mama K said...

OH, thank you!! I am so looking forward to getting this book. I'm ready for some reinforcement of my beliefs in the areas of birthing and mothering, as well as some new information. I look forward, as soon as the busy-ness of the season is past, to hunkering down with a good book - this one - to pass the cold Michigan winter days.

Allana Martian said...

Wow! I can't believe I won one of your books! I feel so lucky!!! Thank you!!! I can't wait to read it slowly. :-)

Becky R said...

so cool. I will use this copy as a gift for my pregnant friend. I am so excited! -Becky R in NJ

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