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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Do You Blog?

Cris asks, "Why do you Blog?"

  • I have a website, but I like the ability to express myself instantly and spontaneously. With the website I need to send it to the web editor. Not only did I have to write it, but I had to explain how to lay it out. I also wanted to be more personal and passionate about my subjects than the practice website accommodates for (and I can do this without additional business cost).
  • I wanted to let everyone know I have a new book and make announcements about related activities.
  • Creating a blog gave me something constructive to do while waiting what seemed likes month for the printer to get the book set.
  • I like writing daily. I like sharing what I am learning. A blog keeps my creativity and grammar sharp.
  • A more efficient way to keep up with friends and family. Ironically, I have made new relationships. I don't know that the blog influenced existing friendships and daily contacts much. I need a lot of socialization and interaction. A blog allows me to get that interaction when I have small chunks of time. It will be "here" for you without clogging your inbox whenever you have a chance to visit and read and what's on my mind.
  • I found a blog to keep me very accountable. I have high standards and I achieve a lot by setting goals, writing about them and finding resources and wisdom amongst other bloggers. I feel in control of some of my more difficult goals.
  • Now that I have an established blog, I like that I can refer clientele to it for further information or reinforcement.
  • A sequel to Permission to Mother may unfold from amongst all my blog posts.

I enjoy my blog and plan to keep it up!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun with Compost

Well.... we purchased a backyard compost from Sam's today. Bob the Builder is very excited to help me put it together. (Actually we got 2. I am going to bring the second one to the office.)

It was easy to assemble. "Bob" liked playing in it.
Scott liked it too.

I put it on the side of my house. It is hidden by wild growing summer hibiscus. I dumped all the contents of my smaller plant containers in it. See this post.
This is what it looked like.
Very moist! Too moist! And Smelly!
We had been shredding paper this weekend, so I topped it off with the paper and soil from "used" plant containers. I had noticed lots of fruits flies before. As soon as I dumped it, the house flies came around. (Suggestions anyone?)

I wonder how long it will take the home owners to find it and give me a fine and reprimand. Sigh.

Here is links to other blog posts about compost that inspire me:

Beyond Your Peripheral Vision - My New Compost

Peter's Peapod - Harvests Her Dirt and Talks about Worms

Low Milk Supply in Pregnancy

Welcome to the Motherwear's 16th Carnival of Breastfeeding! This month's theme is pregnancy and breastfeeding. Be sure to check out the great posts from other bloggers at the bottom of this post.

This post, previously published 4.5.08, has been Selected to Participate in Motherwear's Carnival of Breastfeeding and has been bumped to the top of the blog. The theme is Pregnancy and Breastfeeding!


My first impression on reviewing my schedule in the morning when I saw I had an expecting mom, 3 months along and her 9 month old coming in for low milk supply was that I probably couldn't do anything to help her supply. I am not recommending herbs and pills to boost supply in pregnancy because they don't work then.

But like everything, you need to sit down, get your facts, and watch the mother and the baby, their interaction and nursing.

So, I have mom sit in my rocking chair with the foot stool and I make sure her 9 month old is relaxed and then she can relax and talk. The baby latched and stayed latch the entire time we talked. The baby reached for mom's long hair with her free hand and massaged and fingered moms hair as she nursed. She made soft little "happy" sounds the entire time. Looks pretty good to me so far. She was normal weight, happy, alertness, and otherwise thriving. Doesn't look like low milk supply to me.

This is where the problem came in. The PEDIATRICIAN told mom to start formula. Why? Because that's what pediatricians typically say when they don't understand breastfeeding. Mom interprets this as something is wrong with her milk supply. Who wouldn't?

My Plan to maximize the duration of breastfeeding:
1. Encourage the skin-to-skin, co-sleeping, co-bathing, the lifestyle stuff that will keep mom and baby together.
2. Let her know that Reglan, Domperidone, herbs are not used in pregnancy. Fenugreek is not recommended in pregnancy at all.
3. Emphasized mom's vitamin, nutrition and water intake.
4. Emphasize the 9 month olds nutrition. At 9 months old, what she doesn't get at the breast, she can get in whole food! (why formula?)
5. LLL has a great book for Mother's who are breastfeeding through a pregnancy. It's called "Tandem Nursing and Beyond." It's subtitle explains why it would be a good book for this mom, "Breastfeeding through a Pregnancy." This is a perfect book if you are contemplating continued nursing while concieving or being pregnant. This is a mother at the right stage for this book. I have it in my lending library.
6. Consider her birth provider. We do have several local midwives that would support her continued nursing.
7. Reconsider her choice of pediatrician. HELLO! Family physician's can provide wellness care. ;)

All-in-all nothing was wrong with her milk supply.

We have some great posts from other bloggers on the topic of breastfeeding and pregnancy. Check them out! (List will be updated throughout the day).

Natural Moms Talk Radio - Carrie shares practical information on breastfeeding while pregnant.
Permission to Mother - Dr. Denise writes about a milk supply mystery.
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Motherwear - A Breastfeeding Friendly Birth Plan.
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Help Me Catch Up toThe Red Tent

On Dr Bob Sears' Book, The Vaccine Book has 120 reviews.

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth has 193 reviews.

The Red Tent has over 1300.

I really appreciate the reviews 27 of you have posted on Amazon. Will the rest of you who have read Permission to Mother post a review? I'd like to catch up with the amount of reviews The Red Tent, one of my favorite novels has. :) ( I realize The Red Tent has been out a long time.)

I appreciate your feedback. I am pretty sure that others love keeping up with the new comments and seeing who is reading and being touched. Two who have bought my book in real life or borrowed the book have told me they made an amazon purchase just be able to post their review!

I'd like to think your reviews will not only help new families decide what parenting book to read (mine!), but also help readers process my book to the fullest.

I am grateful that women from my own practice have posted. I value that almost everyone so far has used their real identity. That means so much to me. Not that it is necessary, but it says a lot about your sincerity.

Thank you so much!

(please, make sure you press the SUBMIT button, and check that your own review shows up)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just Moved... Looking for a New Doctor

This question was e-mailed to me with subtle details edited for privacy. It is representative of inquiries I receive:

My husband, boys and I just moved to the area. Previously, we have been in California where the Sears, Dr. Bob specifically, has been our pediatrician and I had a wonderful certified nurse midwife. Currently, I am half way through pregnancy and I'm searching for a midwife/ob in the PGA area. I didn't know if you might know of someone that respects attachment parenting, allows the entire family to be involved in most of the birth process -- routine prenatal visits, up at the hospital, etc. Also, if we choose to drive to you for our children, are the on call pediatricians supportive of early check out from the hospital if everyone is healthy and do they push the Hep. B vaccine while in the hospital? Thank you for your time.

My reply:

After office hours, I take my own telephone calls (but I prefer e-mail with a phone number and I'll call back ). My husband shares call with Internist (18 and older). I don't expect or want them to handle calls for my breastfeeding clientele.

I don't go to the hospital. My husband handles admissions for 18 and older. I have formal pediatric back-up at Martin Memorial. Fortunately I have a small but healthy out patient practice and NEVER need them. The few children who have needed hospitalization were for trauma (burns and motor vehicle accidents) or congenital problems and were flighted out and didn't use local hospital resources (in other words my not providing hospital coverage didn't make a difference).

Other reasons accounting for no hospital admission in my pediatric practice:

1. Some come to me just for the breastfeeding and see a local pediatrician for well-child care (in these cases I don't know how many eventually need hospital admission).

2. Of the families who stick with me for well-child care, they tend to have very healthy life styles. Breastfeed indefinitely(!), making healthy and nutritious food choices, minimal to no second hand smoke exposure, minimal day care, and moms wear their babies. Many have put thought into their birth and start off with good bonding and minimal interruption. This is a selective group in our area. It keeps my pediatric practice size small and manageable. I can accommodate an office visit with-in 24 hours of a phone call or e-mail and hopefully the same day if you contact early enough.

3. Some families select themselves out. There a few local pediatric groups that provide long clinic hours on weekends. I am generally available by phone on weekends (and have occasionally gone in). So for some families having long office hours(being seen by someone, not necessarily the same provider) is more important than the personalized care and appreciation of attachment parenting...

I don't know the doctors South of here and I don't know anyone who practices like I do. I'd love to meet you if you would like to come in for a "prenatal" and make referral to an area midwife. I prefer that mom establishes a chart while she is pregnant when I will have a newborn coming in. I provide better care when I get to meet the family before the baby is born. I work closely with the homebirth midwives and I doubt you will find what you are looking for at the hospital. (I don't think its a big deal to decline the newborn Hep B in this area.)

Thanks for making contact,

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scott's Long Sleeves in Summer

Why does Scott wear long sleeves in Summer?
A. Because he has a rash to hide.
B. Because he has sensitivy issues.
C. Because I make him dress this way.
D. Because it's his personal choice.

Scott wears long sleeves and pants year round because it's his personal choice. He doesn't NOT have a skin problem. He does NOT have sensory issues. He likes the layered look and a collar with bottons closed up to the neck. If he is comfortable like this, I don't have to worry about covering him in sunscreen. He swims in a surf suit.

When we moved to Georgia (from Florida) when he was three, he wore shorts. It averaged 40 degrees in winter and he would not put on pants ( I had to be careful when we went out). One Winter night I took him and William to Kindermusic. Scott took his close off in the car and cried and insisted he wasn't getting dressed. I wrapped him (naked underneath) in my heavy coat and brought him inside. Finally in Spring, I got him to put on pants and sleeves and he never took them off.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Board Breaking Competition!

William and Scott are participants in the Board Breaking Tournament today with United States Karate Federation. Scott is 2nd in the middle row. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Scott breaking the board with a round house kick.

William is a first place winner
in his group.

(click on the picture to enlarge it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Saying No to Opportunity

In the past few months I've been invited to be on the Board of Directors of two midwifery groups. One for a grassroots organization in Florida another for a birth center in New Mexico. I got another invitation to be on some International Lactation BOD(required an annual trip to Eastern Europe), I once was on the Board of Directors for the Birth Center that used to be in Stuart.

I appreciate the invites. I can endorse your groups, but, I am so not the Board of Directors type. Fund raising, politics, policy making. Yuck. Not me. I can't make the commitment to travel ( I barely make it to Orlando these days) or participate in conference calls.

There was a time that I didn't work for 1 1/2 years. I did look for this type of volunteer thing to try to expand my horizons and networks. I couldn't seem to connect, then. Now that I am busy, busy, busy, opportunities abound. You should of got me when I wanted it and didn't have the outlet I have now. Can you imagine me explaining to my husband why I am traveling to Europe and won't be around at home or in the office? NO, I couldn't even think of a way to tell him I got this invite. Could I be as good as I am at the daily things I do, if I split my time more ways? No, not if I am not available.

It seems these days, I am asked to do all sorts of interesting things. It's funny how people want me to give talks to their group now that I have a book. I've committed to one that should be informal and fun (and I'm open to see if I have a change-of-heart and love it), but have you ever heard me speak to a large group? Any group? Why ask ME? If you know me, you know I don't like it. Just because I wrote a book doesn't mean I give talks. It's funny how people think because you can write (and solve breastfeeding problems), you can talk to a large group.

I like taking photos. I don't really like being asked to reprint my photos. I did at first... kind of when I was 1 1/2 years no work (and looking for networks), but I quickly found out that agreeing to reprint photos somehow led to a lot more work and e-mail back and forth. The wear and tear on my time quickly wore the novelty off of having my photos reprinted. I do like reprinting my photos, but I am selfish and I mostly want to share my photos when I want to share my photos (with the subjects, for mostly local causes, or organizations I am involved, or to accompany my articles) and not be asked out of the blue. Likewise I like taking photos, but only when I ask. I have to "see" a photo to be able to take it.

I get asked to eat out all the time to discuss business. The restaurant invites gets an automatic "No."

Would I love to have the time to be on your BOD, do your talk, submit to your publications, and work on the skills I need to do them well. Sure I would (maybe not the talks). My three kids are at prime ages and so is the practice. I am following a major restrictive diet (if I go out to eat, it will be with my family). I am not at a phase in my life to take on these extra-curricular volunteer responsibilities I get invited to do. It's ironic how many new organizations ask me for help, because I AM the one who needs help. Don't get me wrong, I am involved with groups. I am happily involved in the groups I am a part of... I am just not looking for more, not now. Thanks for asking. I would love to have volunteered the year I didn't work and was bored out of my mind.

Local Book Signing Announcement

Nutrition World
Sabal Palm Plaza

Invites everyone to a book signing

Local author, family physician, and lactation consultant

Denise Punger, MD FAAFP IBCLC

Will be signing copies of her newly released book:

Going Beyond the Standard of Care to Nurture Our Children

Saturday, June 14, 2008
2501 S. Federal Highway
Fort Pierce, FL

Recycling around the House

I'll continue where I left off before I took a blog holiday before Mother's Day weekend....

I've been trying to make a more concerted effort to recycle. I definitely notice a big difference in the amount of garbage. It took a long time for the city to provide us with recycling bins (they were back ordered......) and the never provided information on what gets recycled, so I am still learning.

Newspaper goes to the Hebrew School; it supports the children's school. I never understood if magazines can go in this bin or curbside?

Aluminum cans we will give to someone if we know an individual who turns them in for money.

I tend to hang on to glass and plastic jars a bit to see if I can think of another use for them. Storing nuts, coins, etc... When they accumulate or I have to many they go to the curb. I'd like to be better about refilling my water bottles. It's just to handy to by bottle watered.

I am using cloth tote bags for groceries and shopping. At first I'd have a hard time remembering to grab them from my car and go in the store with them, but I remember every time now. It is SOOOO much nicer than having a million plastic bags to deal within the house. It's easier to carry the groceries in the house with a shoulder strap. I like the cloth bags from the grocery store. You can seem them at I've also keep several canvas bags and other odd bags I've collected to serve different needs when I am out. What plastic bags do accumulate from husband or guests shopping, I take back to the recycling bin at the grocery store.

Another problem, I have with recycling is that the recycling truck comes after the garbage truck. Sometimes the garbage truck hauls off recycling. Then as a result, I have to take out garbage and listen out for the truck and get the recycling out... can't do it all at once. See sometimes our recycling is so much, I'll use a bin or cardboard crate and the garbage truck thinks the contents are for them.

What else can be recycled in the house?
I have more to say, so I'll be back for part 2...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Karate Promotion Night

Half way there to a black belt! I for one am glad to see the yellow belts on the floor. In William's previous Martial Arts class, a yellow belt was a much lower rank than in this class; it was the first belt you earn. It was hard for me to see William, especially, go through a few promotions and than go "back" to a yellow belt in which he had earned below. Rationally, he knew it wasn't the same rank, but.....

They have nearly perfect attendance in class and extra-curricular class activities. I was so pleased to see them get a recognition certificate for this also. The school is the United States Karate Federation. Classes are held in two locations in PSL.

My Mother's Green Thumb

Speaking of my green thumb, my mother happen to send me this really cute photo of her two Bichon's and foster Bichon (I think she'll keep him) this afternoon. The photo is about the dogs, but I noticed her container herb garden looks beautiful in the background. She has a green thumb and I didn't inherit it. You can see each herb has a label. She has a few more pots hidden by the door frame. Her plants are so full! In the backgroud, near the fence the planted garden goes all the way around the yard and looks great.

That little Bichon has a cute name, too. It's Cheechers. She is involved with small paws rescue, a non-profit dedicated to finding homes for Bichons.

Compost Experiment

Ever since Cris, posted about compost, I've been thinking more about composting. Since she posted, I've been taking kitchen scraps and putting them in an empty potting container. Lauren went ahead and posted useful information about compost today and I am thinking about it even more. My little pot would get full and then in the initial decay process it would all shrink down into almost nothing. After a while I started filling another pot. The first one looks good now. Nothing is recognizable. I'll need to take a photo of it tomorrow and add it to ths post. Seeing that I am in a routine of taking the scraps out, I went to the brand new Lowe's on opening day to search for a big compost bin. They looked at me like I was green with horns. She had no idea what I was asking for. So our Lowe's didn't have it. I go to Home Depot and ask for a compost bin. He pointed to the organic potting soil. On clarification, he still had never heard of what I was asking. Just use a garbage can, he suggested.

I can't believe that no one in our metropolonized communty of closely packed homes seeks compost bins and employees in the stores didn't have a clue what I was talking about. Also, it seems that a compost bin should be made out of re-used material. Being in a deed restricted community, I need to be very careful what I leave outside because I'm not allowed to leave anything outside. I am thinking I can get away with a bin hidden by some bushes and a little white fence.

I am concerned about attracting rodents. The homeowners is concerned about the same thing. Having a closed container designed for the job would be helpful. I am not a craftsman; I wouldn't be able to make something that would work.

Since I have been putting some scraps and cardboard in the pot, even though I only have a small amout of "compost" after decay, we have noticably much less trash! it's been a great experiment. I might have enough to repot the new herbs!


Addendum with photos. This photo with the watermelon was topped of this morning with the grinds. I should take a photo of it in a few days to show how much decay takes place. I have put many watermelon grinds in it before today. It is filled and goes above the top.

"This" empty looking one, was the pot I started filling after Chris posted. It was overflowing also and I decided to start filling another pot because I couldn't cram it down anymore. I should probably plant my new herbs in here and top it off with the organic soil I have. In the first photo if you click on it and enlarge it you can see the fruit flies on the fruit. There are no fruit flies in this one.

This white kitchen pail also reached the top just a few days ago. As you can see I can start filling it again.
Now another problem living where we are at--the mosquito spray truck came around this evening. It goes up and down the street spewing poison in the air. If you are outside it will just spray it on you without any consideration. I am real curious to see if any of the fruit flies are alive tomorrow.

My Herb Garden, My Green Thumb

Unlike Lauren, who lives on a few acres, I live on almost zero property, so I am trying to figure out how to keep herbs thriving in containers. I'll admit, basil grows like a weed. I am certain anyone in South Florida can stick it in the dirt and you won't kill it. Cut the flowers off when you see them so the flowers don't take from the eatable leaves.
I have cilantro in a store bought pot, I haven't transferred yet. Its doing better in shade. The hot sun dries it out too much. I haven't had it long enough to kill it.

I have rosemary in a terracotta pot. When it dies, I water it and it comes back. (Lucky for me!)

I find if I put to many herbs in one pot, one will take over and none will do well, so I am going to keep them all separate, if I get to it. The chives seem to have survived the long winter with the thyme.

The parsley grew like crazy and we attracted parsley butterflies last year. Because of the amazing beauty of a caterpillars life cycle we let them eat the parsley and watch them turn to cocoons and butterflies.
I harvest a few container banana peppers last spring. The tomatoes didn't do well. This year I bought an aerogarden for the house. This first round I didn't follow instructions to well. I am probably going to have to toss the loser tomato plants and start all over.

That's my thumb. I'm not a good farmer. I did take a nice photo of David planting last year!

I killed the sage and lavender.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sugar-free-- My Test Results are In

Before I share my results of the Repeat Alcat test I wanted to say more about why I wanted to repeat the test.

  • I noticed an increase in my acne. I figured I am eating something I am sensitive too and wanted to identify it. I was going to repeat the test after a year, but since acne was flaring, it seemed time to check my chemistry. (Having break outs was what made me test in the first place).
  • I am eating a much more variety of foods and especially produce. The panel I tested for originally tested standard food Americans eat. I am not just eating those processed foods anymore. I get a wide variety of produce and eat whole food. I wasn't sure if I should just check the vegetarian profile being that I don't eat much red meat, but I went for the platinum which checks everything they test for.
  • If a sensitivity was clear, I did not want to keep avoiding it and consuming something else I should now be avoiding.

From amongst all the foods I showed some inflammation to in the first testing, all but 3 came up in the safe (green-go) category. My new safe foods are lamb, carob, clam, codfish, coffee, CRANBERRY, GARLIC, lobster, ALMOND, BANANA, BREWER'S YEAST, CRAB, goat's milk (includes FETA), OLIVE, PEAR, SALMON, msg. The capitalized ones are ones, I missed and also realized I may have been too hard on myself as far as either feeling guilt when I did rarely eat it (for the relatively low amount amount of inflammation). I am happy to see they cleared. I enjoyed salmon last night and crab legs tonight! (and I am glad I didn't stick with the vegetarian profile).

Sugar did not clear. It stayed in the red zone (recommended to avoid at all costs). I was mentally prepared for it not to change. I have come to realize that sugar is a poisonous substance. I might as well have it stay in the red zone and not get to comfy with the idea that it's "safe."

The two other foods that I reacted to before and still reacted to are cow's milk and baker's yeast. I had mild reactions before and severe reactions this time.

Since I was tested for many more things, naturally more things showed up as moderate and severely reactive (red and orange). The newly tested foods that showed a reaction are navy bean, pumpkin, saffron, SESAME, whitefish, celery, endive (who cares), fennel (mother's milk tea), peanut, swiss chard (ate it last week), watercress (ate it only once, I think, in a co-op distribution over a year ago.) I will miss sesame. While I enjoy some of the other things, I don't think I will "miss" them. Since I rarely eat them, perhaps I should continue to rarely eat them? I'll ask Alcat's dietician.

Totally eliminating cow's milk and baker's yeast, and sesame, in addition to the sugar will be a challenge. Oh will be difficult. Can I just scream now?

But the beauty of doing the ultimate test is that there are many things I know I can eat. When I look at the Green list, I feel so encouraged to see all the choices of seafood and fruit. I can eat all grains and most spices. I am not gluten sensitive! Another beauty of retesting is that I see what's in the yellow zone (caution) now and I know that I don't have to be too hard on myself this go around. I can choose to avoid some that I won't miss, or rotate, or minimize, as I prefer and they will probably stay in check.

I already know that in 9-12 months I will retest. I see that sensitivities are seasonal and each sensitivity isn't necessarily a forever thing and safe doesn't always mean safe. But I am learning how to eat better and safe have a better chance at staying safe.

Since I got my results 2 days ago, I know what to avoid. My skin and bloating feel better. I went out for a walk tonight and felt a little more pep in my walk.

As I was walking tonight, I was thinking how I had not had a headache in months. I'd get an occasional headache and take something. Initially when I was testing, it seemed like I always had an irritating cough. (Some of you may remember.) I haven't had a cough since I've been doing all this. I used to have some annoying muscle spasms (tic-like) in my neck (You may remember this, too). I see big improvement with this too. I had some ankle swelling before testing. I attributed that to getting old. I noticed that cleared. I would have never thought it was food related.

And finally not to mention I have lost weight without counting calories and portions. I noticed my weight has stablized. Perhaps getting re-orgainzed in my food choices will help.

Is it worth the effort... oh yes! Nutrition is everything.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Blast at LLL of TC Spring Sling Fling

I had a lot of fun at La Leche League of Treasure Coast's Spring Sling Fling. As you can see I took many photos. The two posts following this post are also from today.

These were the models in the sling fashion show.

All these ladies are correctly wearing their carriers.

Lauren is the MC.

The girls modeled correct doll-wearing.

This is a Maya Wrap, a type of ring sling.

Luke is in a Mei Tai on the back.

He's always suspicious of me taking him away.

Don't worry Jen... One day you won't be

able to pull him away from myspace and xbox.
You sweet babies, will probably be hooking up with Luke on the internet games.

Gerrie shows how to carry a toddler on the back in a ring sling.

Notice how much the baby's hips are flexed. The knees are higher than the butt. The fabric is pulled to her shoulders and the fabric is evenly distributed over mom's shoulders. I could carry David like this when he was 2 1/2!

Kerry shows a hip hold in a Maya Wrap.

This pink pouch is worn corectly!

Luke is up front in the same Mei Tai. Alex in a structured carrier made for young babies.

Pam shows off the protective head covering on the ergo. The ergo can be worn for a few years, front or back.
There's me. My babies are too big to carry. My arms feel empty.
Lisa shows how you can take a simple piece of cloth and carry a child.
Pam won my book, Permission to Mother that I donated as one of the door prizes.

Michelle with another ring sling.
Lisa shows how to hold Ruth in a towel. Yes, that's a beach towel.
Lydia, your not too big for a beach towel...

Peoines ring sling. I love how much you can do with a ring sling.
Regena models with Ruby.

Judy and Me. Judy gets honorable mention for coming from

the most furthest South.. Palm Beach County. I love that she brought her young friend who learned a lot about mothering without bottles and strollers!

If you missed this event there is still plenty of opportunity to learn how to wear your baby.

Come by the office.

Go to your LLL meeting near you.

Or view this video which shows 2 1/2 hours of professionally

made videos on all these types of carriers.

Tammy O. wearing a Duo

Tammy, one of our local midwives, is in so many many great photos,
I decided that this post is about her!
I couldn't resist this cute little baby butt.

Tammy is known for her versatility in handling these boys
who are very close in age. She came to this event to help other moms learn how to do this. This is a great way to "do twins." Here the baby is in the front and the older one is in the back. She crisscrosses the slings. She says she carries them on opposite hips and the older one in front.

There is Tammy hanging out with homebirth moms, Gerrie and Karen.
Yes, you can breastfeed in a sling (can you tell). The older one is still hanging out on her back even though you can't see him here.

Up close.

Her baby is socializing with Ava on the right and Matthew who is on her back made a friend, too

Now... here is the baby on her back. There is Regena with Ruby in a sling and Bernadette. Regena and Bernadette also make slings. Bernadette carries her babies in a sling. Regena's babies are grown up, so she is borrowing Ruby. :)

Tammy, how do you do it?

This last photo tells her secret. Here she is!

How I wish, I had a helper--a big sister-- when William was born!

Wear your baby everyday and you'll be a pro in no time!

Kangaroo Carry at Spring Sling Fling

Treasure Coast La Leche League Spring Sling Fling was alot of FUN! I love being around mothers who want be close to their babies. I took so many photos that I am going to dedicate this first post to the Kangaroo carry in a Ring Sling.

Regena (on the right)made this blue sling and the stripe one.
This is a great position from about 1-6 months old.

These babies are all really happy. I promise. Tammy made one of her slings. Bernadette made the print one.

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