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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thompson's Bed and Breakfast!

Zachary, William, David, Scott, Nikolas

Ariana is batgirl in the photo to the right.

With all these kids you don't get to go too far and experience much of the surrounding area and tourist spots.

That's why I am so glad I chose to come to a unique Thompson's Bed and Breakfast. Full of amenities all in one great location; this is what you get:

  • Welcomes Kids!
  • Three tasty organic meals a day, custom prepared, and healthy snacks
  • Fresh Juice Bar
  • Hot Tub on the Deck, Scenic View
  • 24 hour computer access
  • back rub (by the kids)
  • pedicure & dry foot treatment
  • Game night
  • Ice Cream Night (for the kids)
  • Cool Nights, Fresh Air, Windows Open
  • Free Airport Shuttle
  • Complementary Birthday Party for the kids
  • Enormous Library of Children's and Cooking and Health Books
  • Plasma cars, minitramp and other fun outdoor activities
  • Laundry Access
  • Pet Therapy
  • Free Photography and Blogger Assistance

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wrapping Up David One Last Time

It makes me so happy seeing so many mom's enjoy their babies in the many types of slings and carriers available and then share about it. I haven't had the need to use a carrier in several years, after all David is almost five. At home I'm familiar with his limits in walking. In our daily "rut" he keeps up most of the time. We hardly do anything out of the ordinary.

In anticipation of new territory and lots of walking on our trip, I decided to bring my wrap along. At 42 pounds, he was passed the weight limit of my well worn sling. The firm fabric in my wrap still has plenty of support.

I was thinking an ergo might be most appropriate on this trip(an easy in and out), but it was a little crazy to get one now and not sure that I would even need or use it at on our 5 day trip. I wish I knew more about them when we could have really benefited from one all along.

Sure enough David conked out getting around town, " I can't walk anymore," "My legs hurt, " I am mad and thirsty."

I had my handy dandy 5 yard wrap ready. I am a little rusty on getting all the twists right and he was not very patient with my fumbling around, but finally I got him in and he was quiet. I walked about 1/3-1/2 mile like this. He felt really secure and overall I was comfortable, as comfortable as you can be with a 40 pound weight on your back. I was actually surprised to see the photo and see how low the fabric came across his low back. He felt like he was in there pretty good. (I love the photo anyways! Thanks Carrie.)Unlike a small baby, he did keep his own center of gravity leaning forward so we were "one." Carrie said he wouldn't keep the fabric up. The fabric over my shoulders distributed his weight. I do wish I reviewed my babywearing DVD in my trip preparation for better efficiency.

This wrap is the same wrap David is packed in, in the photo on my banner.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Got Juice? Getting Even with Carrie

This photo of my Sister is payback for the plasma car-thing that the post below leads to. I got a juicer a few months ago. Why? Because I noticed my patients who juiced were healthy. Then Carrie's first blog post was about juicing and I was hooked. I used her comment section to lament a bit about my juicing start-up.

Between juicing and green smoothies I found two great ways to include greens, fruits, and vegetables into my family's nutrition that we may have not eaten otherwise. For example, the boys eat pear juice, but not the pear, and fresh ginger adds a great flavor and is great for healthy digestion.

I am willing to eat veggies because they are good for me, so I still questioned the value of juicing. I realized that juicing makes for better absorption of significant vitamins from the fresh produce I eat.

Anyway, it was great to sample my sisters favorite juicing recipe instead of just reading about them on her blog.

Thanks alot, Carrie!!!

I didn't have time to post any updates yesterday, but my very funny sister stayed up later than me and posted about me.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Social Networking Before Computers

Looooong before e-mail, yahoogroups, blogging, myspace and face"place," my junior high school friends and I wrote notes to each other. We folded them up into cool shapes. We used colors and lots of abbreviations (I can't think of what any of the initials mean now.) We kept track of our boyfriends and crushes and whatever else was important to us. On the top is eight folded notes that I kept all these years. I actually kept a whole entire box of them (I tend to hoard e-mail, too). Below, I opened up one of them, so you can see the detail that went into them. At night I wrote back everyone that wrote me and distributed my notes in the morning at school. This was so much fun! I looked forward to receiving my notes. Memories......

Now I look forward to receiving my e-mail and comments. Anyone else old enough to remember doing this? These notes are about 30 years old. You can click on the photos if you want to see them better. I bet these girls would be fun to blog with. I should go search for them now. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

THE Produce List

I've been out of town every other week and I am so happy its not interferred with getting my produce on the opposite week as scheduled. Lauren posted her list first. I copied and pasted and like her ideas. Jen and Trish will you post what you are doing with your produce.

By the way, its been a year since I submitted myself to alcat and got my results. I have not had store bought ice cream, cookies, candy, soda, sweetened juices for over a year. I have been experimenting with homemade cookies and healthy smoothies. I got the smoothies down. The cookies need some more practice.

Here is what we got:

Romaine Lettuce- It's been washed and torn into pieces, ready to go for salads. I've had a salad spinner that my MIL gave to me years ago. Until Lauren commented on how she cleans lettuce with the spinner, I HAD no idea what to do with it. Now, I find myself taking it out often and cleaning greens and herbs.

Swiss Chard- I will be going to Mike and Lauren's for dinner when he cooks up a yummy treat with this. ;) With mine I am using them inplace of green caggage in myunstuffed cabbage recipe. I took a batch as a bonus. Might make pesto with it. Yep, I made pesto with it. I spun it clean and dry, put it in the blender with olive oil, pine nuts, lemon juice, garlic, romano (or parmesan) and s & p. I added the little basil I had to take the "green" taste out of it. I had extra to freeze.


Carrots- Shredded one for a salad last night. Orange smoothie. I had the juicer out. I juiced a few carrots and added it to the fruit in the blender.

Plum Tomatos- Salads also makes a good sandwich with avacodo, mayo, salt and lemon juice. (I hold the mayo.)

Cremini Mushrooms- I traded with Lauren for her bananas.

Alfalfa Sprouts- Salad. Never put them in smooties yet, but it sounds like a great idea. Put a handful in the omelette.

Celery- Used in soup or raw. I don't want it to go bad before I leave so I cut it up raw for snacking.

Red Cabbage- made red cabbage soup with ,1/2 the cabbage, potato, carrot, onion, seasoning

Green Beans- I loved the recipe Lauren posted in my comments and used green beens in place of cucumber in the salad. I had everything else.

Sugar Peas- Mike likes to prepare these with butter, garlic and parsley. That sounds good to me, too. I might just start snacking on them raw.

Cantaloupe- Snacks

Oranges- Kids eat them like crazy.

Plums- Snacks

Bananas- chocolate smoothie and fruit smoothie and snacks

peaches - snacks, smoothie
Green kiwi - I've enjoyed the golden kiwi very much. There is almost no comparison. I'll snack on or add to smoothie which ever comes first.

Organic Buying Club for more info.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay Photos

Found some floods today. This is the office parking lot.

This last one is Scott checking out the wake created by the car. You bet Scott went next.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day Back

I got back yesterday late afternoon from our trip. I was expecting a million messages at the office to take care of. Not much. I was prepared to have a full and busy day today. The day started with a phone call waking me up. Child care arrangements cancelled due to storm. Next I check my e-mail. Should the employees come in. My response was, "I am coming in. Except for the one who lives the furthest, give everyone else a choice. If they want to come in, they can. If they want to stay home and take care of business at home they can."

The employees who lives within a few miles all came in. I was impressed. Many of the scheduled patients cancelled. I had a few same day adds on to my schedule. But overall I was not busy to justify hanging out in the office all day "just in case." I really hate not being available so many days in a row. It looks like I chose good days to be away judging by the fact that the messages were minimal and/or easily handed. You, blog readers (or those who know to check the top of the blog), have an advantage knowing what's going on and how to reach me. I have a lot of readers but actually it is a VERY small percentage of the practice check this blog.

On my way home I picked up plenty of fruit and nuts. You can imagine if I sent John for this errand we'd have a zillion cans of Spam. John gets bored easy at home, on his 1/2 day off today he volunteered to get my cell phone fixed. (Hear that mom, my cell phone works again!) He brought back M&M's and chocolate bars. I think he really went for a "fix" and not really because he cared about my cell phone. He was afraid to get stranded with just my fruit.

I like the photos of the rain that several of you posted: Christy, Trish, Dani
Did I miss any? I didn't see too much exciting water today (except for raining all day). So, no pictures here. If it rains all night it might be different tomorrow. Planning for a busy office day tomorrow....

David's Haircut

Well, you have seen David's long hair in the previous posts. Maybe you have seen the cutie in real life. He hates haircuts, but we finally got him to go last night with John. Now you can see his beautiful face! He got his hair cut like John's (can you tell?). Really he got a good cut, but he is running around outside in the wind and rain.

Behind him you can see my Rosmary growing wild, a basil stalk knocked-over by the wind, and mint way behind that.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Slide Fun

William "The guard's gone, I'll go head first!!"
David "I'm big enough!!" Scott "I thought resort employees had to be all nice.
Why is the lifeguard telling me what to do?"
John "Scott, behave, the lifeguard is doing his job."

And ME!
At Innisbrook, Palm Harbor

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Baby Phase Passes Quickly

In the past two weeks, I've posted about my concerns about the boys religious school training, homeschooling, scrapbooking, Scott's 10th birthday, our exam, eating healthy.

Once upon a time, it seemed like all I wondered was if I was ever going to sleep through the night, will they ever fall asleep on there own, was I abnormal for breastfeeding for so long, and how to juggle two under two, two in diapers, two in a stroller, and two that can't swim.

That special time does end. Its a time to be cherished and not dreaded. They grow up quick. My older boys look like men. They are independent and get things for themselves. But for those that don't know there was once a time they wouldn't leave my side for a second. They wouldn't leave my breast. I had two at my breasts at the same time. There was once a time all I ever heard was, "We wouldn't recognize you witout a baby in that sling."

My arms feel empty now. I would love another in my arms. I suppose I will always have a yearning for a small on in my arms. Before you know it the worries about breastfeeding and sleeping through the night become worries about their education, nutrition, adolescence.

Enjoy the baby and toddler phase, it passes quickly and other concerns take their place.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun Friday Photos

David and William getting hugs from Charlie (formerly known as Cheechers).

"Do we have to say cheeze, again?"

Big Tree Park in Seminole County. It's a 3500 year old Bald Cyprus.

William is the gorgeous young man siting next to his Grandma.

Great Grandma Pauline sitting with Scott and William.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alternatives to Bar Mitzvah Training?

I am wondering what the alternatives are to Bar Mitzvah training. I enrolled the boys in Hebrew School this upcoming school year which involves Tuesday evening, First Friday evening and another Friday or Saturday morning service per month, and EACH Sunday.

Six months before the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony, the student is suppose to go to every Friday and Saturday morning service and who knows what else. This cuts into dinner hour, fitness, getting away, and a lot more and leaves me drained, not refreshed.

I would love to love going to service and hanging out at the shul. BUT I don't. Each year I re-evaluate whether or not I should enroll they boys and in fact each week, I contemplate if I should drop out. The way I get along the best, is to drop them off and leave and don't get involved. (Doesn't sound much like a homeschool mother concerned and interested in the boys education, does it?)

I never went to services growing up. Never ever. I turned out Okay. I feel a connection to my ancient descendants. But I don't feel connected to this local congregation. I like the idea of the boys learning Hebrew and some history and preserving some heritage. Maybe this year, I won't be so hard on myself and the weekend attendance requirement. With William being turning 12, I can't help but think about the Bar Mitzvah training. William would be the first one in a few generations to have a Bar Mitzvah. It's not like this is something I would have help with or someone paved the path for me. This is one place in my life that if I pull this off, I need some help, big time.

Certainly I am not the only one has has struggled with this? I can't be the only one who finds congregational membership (aka organized religion support) a pain. Is a BAr Mitzvah a Spiritual event or a fund raiser for the congregation? I do not bring my problems and struggles to the shul (aren't you suppose to find support?). I don't see how I can pull of a Bar Mitzvah training and ceremony for one, then turn around and do it again, and then AGAIN. I'd MUCH rather work and write and find other ways to service my community. Isn't it all about what you do when you leave the service and not about how much you go and politics?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Once upon a time, I left in a heartbeat to fly or drive anywhere adventurous. I had a calender and a map with destination goals and monthly goals to go somewhere "new." This lasted from my residency, through my urgent care years, and the year 1/2 I lived in Georgia and seemed to end abruptly opening private practice and having 3 sons. The last time I went on a plane was when I was pregnant with David. I took William and Scott to Seattle to visit my sister while John worked like a slave (so he says). He didn't want us to go, but I knew after David was born, I would be tied down with 3 boys and a practice and it would be along time before I went anywhere.

We do nice things on our weekends together (when we have off) as a family. But it has been four years since leaving Florida. We've had office hours, call coverage, children's activities, exams, family illness, not being prepared for change-of-climates, and sheer exhaustion keeping us from packing. Tonight I finally made my plans. I am taking the three boys to New York to see my sister and cousins over labor day weekend. John will hold the fort. (Don't feel sorry for him. He has taken the boys on a few "man" trips with his brothers and he can go this year, too.) Before, I couldn't imagine why you needed a travel agent: you just pack and go, right? It's been so long since I made any plans, I forgot what to do. My Internet experience got me through the booking. I am so excited. My boys are so excited. We need some time away and together. We need a change to broaden our experiences. We need to see my sister, BIL, and kids! I am actually going!

Not only that, we have a special 5(!) day weekend this weekend, too, staying in state and seeing all the grandparents and we have a few special activities packed in between visits. So stay tuned, right on this station for further developments. I know it will be a long season of working hard and sticking to activities & curriculum, I am so glad we have this chance!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

US Olympic Boogie Board Team

These guys have an important message about sun protection. They hate sunscreen and that's why they cover up. Big Will always wears a T-shirt and the other guys always keep their spring suits on. They do all their practicing in the early morning hours before the sun has a chance to come over the houses. All three have worn spring suits since babies. That little one on the right has one just his size, but he likes wearing the larger suit now that he's BIG and doesn't need a baby floaty to swim.

When the team is out in the middle of the day, even with their dark natural coloring, we insist on hats, sunglasses, and Mustela sunscreen (doesn't was off in the water and uses a mineral base, safe enough for babies*). Well, they do put up a fight: "He has my hat," "He broke my glasses, " " You got it in my eye, WAHHHHHH!" But we try.

The boys look like a lot of fun!

* SPF 50 is available at twofloridadocs.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Addicted to My Produce

I enjoy this fresh, organic produce so much. I am not sure what I would do without this stuff.

These recipes used up many of these veggies:

Tam's No-fuss Potato soup
Tam's Broccoli soup
Magic Mineral Broth I substituted bok choy and kale for leek and had no sweet potato or yam this time. For discussion after the first time I made this, check my sister's blog.

I also used the broccoli in another recipe I got off the Romano Cheese Bag. Sauteed garlic slices in olive oil, added stemed broccoli. Sauteed a minute and added some saved organic chicken broth. Boiles down added the Romano (sheep cheese). Served over bow tie pasta with pine nuts.

baby bok choy
celery- spread Chavre (goat) cheese on it
garlic- had some from before which is good b/c it was missing in my box
lacinato kale - will also use raw in fruit smoothies
cremini mushrooms - traded in for extra plums
small red potatoes - we like steaming these potatoes, sauteing with onions and add eggs. I'll top mine with sprouts.
delicata squash - looking for suggestions for what to do with this , here is some recipes

These fruits are used for snacking and smoothies and the lettuce and tomato for salad.

romaine lettuce
roma tomatoes
white nectarines
bartlett pears
bananas - What bananas? Oh, they were gone before I unpacked the box.

golden kiwi

Case of valencia oranges BY SPECIAL ORDER
Organic Buying Club for more info.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rockstar's Baby

After a productive day (and the two posts below), I went to see the Rockstar's Baby. I don't work at the hospital so I was surprised they actually let me in the NICU to social visit. I was relieved to see the baby safe in her arms and and well enough to be at the breast. I took some photos and emailed them to C. I've been babbling about everyone else in these last few posts. As hard as it is I am going to wait till the Rockstar's post photos..... don't tempt me....

Sorry, but I can't help you breastfeed...

I never thought these words could come out of my mouth. I peaked out in my waiting room and saw 3 women. Two young, one obviously the grandmother; and 2 thriving twins. One twin was in the car seat, the other was being fed by one of the women. While my staff was entering their info in the computer, I went out there and introduced myself and confused asked, "Who's the mother?"

That was the begining of the end. This is not the first time I have seen a nanny more attached to the baby than the mother. I started recognizing the clues. They also brought in a boppy pillow. It was never taken out of the package and it was way to small to put both these babies on. Every twin mother who has come into my office has been prepared and brought their own special twin pillow. They knew they needed it. That was another clue.

I asked her to latch one baby. I never saw so much disconnection. Baby didn't look least bit interested in the mother let alone the breast. Other baby, same thing. They didn't even look like they recognized their mother.

I asked her if she really wanted to breastfeed. "Yeah, whatever it takes." I told her that when mothers come in with babies who refuse to latch, the mothers are still the one feeding the baby. I told her how breastfeeding is a lifestyle and lifestyle affects breastfeeding. The nanny should be taking care of her and she takes care of the babies. Makes a case for having an experienced postpartum doula.

The babies were 2 1/2 months old. They just moved here and she hadn't had a chance to talk to an IBCLC yet. I asked her what she had read while pregnant to prepare her for breastfeeding twins. She said a book wouldn't be able to help her... and on that note. I am sorry, but I can't help you recouperate what's loss.

Nothing would make me more happy than to see her babies at the breast, but it wasn't going to happen.

Oh yeah... formula was in the bottles too.

World Breastfeeding Week

For World Breastfeeding Week my goal was to personally get five Permission to Mother books to local physicians. I also received a mini-stipend from FLCA to cover minor expenses for World Breastfeeding Week celebration. I had no excuse now to get those books out. Today I got two distributed! I presented the book as a gift for WBW and a story about my journey to my unique Breastfeeding Medicine practice. (Yes, the photos nipped their curiousity!)

I went to Cornerstone Pediatrics because Dr. Aponte is my official pediatric hospital back-up. I thanked him for providing back up coverage for my patients even though I never need his services.

I saw Dr. Z. also. He has been the most supportive of the midwives by providing the closest thing to back-up services than any other physician.

Dr. Laguerre. We've had many mutual patients over the years.

I am encouraged because both physicians appreciated me dropping by. As I make it to more offices I will add it to this list. I hope to make it to Martin County on Thursday.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The 362nd Baby on ECMO at MCG

My 2nd cousin, Preston Jefferson Deutsch is 8 days old today and he is the 362nd baby on ECMO at the Medical College of Georgia.

Geoff my younger cousin and I grew up together in Atlanta. We don't see much of each other now. Geoff and his wife Kristen also have a daughter. I saw Kristen early in this pregnancy at another family event. Last Sunday my mother told me that she delivered Preston quickly and easily at a community hospital 12 days before her due date. The baby was fine for 24 hours. He fed and got cuddled and loved, and then became short-of-breath after a day. My mother updated me that he was transferred to a regional hospital to be intubated, but continued to get worse. Next he was transferred to MCG for ECMO (a lung bypass). Neurological and Cardiac systems have been evaluated and from what I hear are intact.

This is the last update my mother sent me:

"Baby is still holding his own. Geoff & Kristen have been reading to him and talking to him. Kristen is pumping but Aunt Carol does not know if they are feeding the baby breast milk. They are going home for 2 days to be with Sydney… she starts school tomorrow."

Geoff and I both trained at MCG. He is a General Surgeon. Kristen is a health professional also. My training experience in this very NICU definitely shaped my future of working with mothers and babies. MCG provided ECMO services 15 years ago when I was in there. Being the 362nd baby gives you an idea of how often they need this technology(really not that much). I do remember them being proud and celebrating their ECMO grads. I do not remember them emphasizing how important providing nature's miracle drug--breastmilk--to these critically ill ones is, I just don't remember. It seems to me if you go the extreme to provide life saving technology, you need to include the simple things like skin-to-skin and mother's milk. From my mother's e-mail it sounds like my cousin and Kristen are having an opportunity to provide their best in the circumstances.

I wish I could do more then sit here and feel helpless and wonder how this precious baby got so ill. I wish I could be right there ((in between the babies mouth and mother's breast if I could get that close)) to make sure the milk goes where it needs to. I often think of going back to MCG for a visit and I think what sad circumstances it is for Geoff and Kristen to go back under these circumstances and away from their daughter and away from extended family. I wonder in tears if anything to prevent this could have been done while I feel out-of-control. I also wish I had a photo.

BUT I am encouraged by another little one who has touched my life. Colton who is a Miami ECMO graduate, who followed up with me in this practice. He has done remarkable well. ECMO stands for Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Kristi, his mother, answered some questions for me today:

...its definelty a last resort thing. When Colton went on they told me he had a 20% chance to live if they put him on it and that was about average for all kids going on it. There were two other kids on ECMO before and after Colton and neither one made it off. As far as breastfeeding, the kids are NPO, they are basically in an induced coma and intubated so nothing at all except IV. During this time I pumped and pumped and pumped. Colton was on 7 days....they told me that there is a great risk putting them on ECMO. They said the longer they are on the more chance of them not making it, as well as having infarcts (like colton did). They check their brain through ultrasound daily to see if they have a bleed, if not they keep them on, if they see anything, they have to take them off. Then gradually, they try to wean them off the machines to see if the heart and lungs can do their jobs. Colton, luckily, came off the first time and his body could handle it. I know of of the kids who didnt make it, they tried to take her off multiple times and her heart kept giving out so they needed to put her back on. Eventually they said enough was enough after 4 weeks or so. How long did u say your cousin was on for now? I hope everything turns out OK. Unfortunately, most ECMO kids have some issues when coming off, but Ive talked to many parents who have said their kids were a bit developmentally delayed at first, but later they are just fine. Its a very scary thing, thats for sure. I had to really forct the issue with breastfeeding...they wouldnt even let me do kangaroo care after ECMO when he was coming off the drugs and such. It was ridiculous. Then, it was every kid in the NICU was given a gtube before they were let go. That was Miami Childrens, so hopefully Georgia is better. Pleeeese let me know how it goes and the status, we are hoping for the best for your family.

Natures Way Soy Candles & More

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is Scrapbooking for Me?

I jumped right into scrapbooking when Creative Memories was introduced to me about the time William was turning one. I did an album of his first year. The album ran into Scott's babyhood. I took my wedding photos that were neatly organized in sleeves and put them into another scapbook album.

Guess what? I wish I never made the first album. I hate them. They are in a plastic box in my closet. I put them in there prior to a hurricane and never took them out again. I never look at them. I wish I just kept my photos untouched and uncropped in sleeves. My rejected photos are all over. My scrapbook supplies take over my closet. Like everything in my house they are very unorganized.

I didn't scrapbook the 1 1/2 years I didn't work. I don't see any sign of me getting into it again now that I work all the time.

I do see myself as a photographer. I don't take photos if they are going to need cropping and stickers and distraction to display them.

I went digital when David was about 6 months old. I did put his precious early photos in sleeves and many have been scanned and published. Now I got files all over my computer of my kids. I like taking the photos and having them. If I ever went back to scrapbooking do I need to print all them? Yikes!

What is all the fuss about scrapbooking? Seriously I don't get it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Marathon Exam

For the past few months, I feel like I've been in training. Six months ago I registered John and I. I purchased review books & DVDs for each of us. For the past 2 months I
have studied almost every day for a few hours. Just like preparing for a marathon, I managed to continue eating well. I didn't want to screw up and be all sick from introducing processed foods. I maintained my swimming (doggie paddle) 4 x a week. I went to bed by 11 and got up by 7 so my body would be use to waking up for exam time.

In this past week, I started planning our actually trip, getting the car ready, hotel, packing, leaving food for the boys, and getting comfy clothes ready. I've written before how I hate leaving the kids behind and not waking up next to them.

I have had to put off much of my quality time with the boys so I could concentrate. I have delayed and deferred other activities and needs in my life.

John and I felt prepared going in to the test. Upon finishing seven hours later we both felt beaten. He thought the whole test was Pediatrics. I thought the whole test was Endocrine. I wonder if they gave me the right test. ;) It was that hard. We don't get our scores for a while.

I am so looking forward to doing something fun tomorrow with the boys.

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