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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Difficulty Concieving

Question from Tricia and Nick :
Denise-I have insomnia tonight so I was looking over your blog. I think I originally happened on to it from the 12 step blog from GSG. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 15 months now. I was looking for anything on your blog that talked about conception or lack thereof. I was relieved somewhat to find out that if we do end up adopting that I could have a way to breastfeed, thus it would feel like my very own child. I don't really want to do fertility treatments, I'm not into meds so much. I don't know at what point we should just adopt and stop waiting. We are 25 and my husband has good work at the moment. What advice can you give me?

I have a few suggestions for difficult conception.

1. Super nutrition for you and hub. Sounds like what you are doing, already. Green Smoothie Girl is a great sight for this. (It makes no sense to me that people go to spend all kinds of bucks at fertility clinics and won't eat descent meals.)

2. Learn more about fertility awareness. There are several good books out. is a good place to start. Know when you can conceived.

3. Susun Weed has a book with a short chapter on herbs used for increasing fertility. I don't know anyone who has given me a personal testimony of success or otherwise, but it seems harmless and much less invasive than infertility clinics.

Lauren (Poseygirl) e-mailed me earlier with a comment:

I would love for Tricia to know that if she adopts, the child would be her "very own child" no matter what. Speaking as someone who has bio children already, therefore having "something to compare it to", so to speak, my love for Taj was/is no different, less immediate, or less strong than my love for my bio kids, even before I began breastfeeding.

I do understand it can be different with adopting older children, but I also have been told that the same feelings will come.

Also, if they don't plan to pursue fertility treatments right now, yet want to be parents soon, they should at least start looking into adoption if she is open to it. We have not completely ruled out trying to have another bio child, nor have we ruled out adopting again (or doing both:)) She could at least find out what her options are. Please feel free to send her to my blog if you like.


Tricia and Nick said...

Hey, thanks for doing this post for me. I was talk to a friend about adoption tonight. She and her husband have been unable to conceive for several months. We were all sitting there talking about it and my husband's only comment was that he wanted to be out of debt first. Well, here is for hoping! Anyway thank you so much, I appreciate it!

Permission to Mother said...

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