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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Dream About My Blog Followers

Since I love my blog so much, I had a dream about my followers last Saturday night! My dream was that I woke up and overnight I had five new followers; up to 37. My dream basically came true! By the time I went to bed on Sunday I DID have 5 more followers, all in one day, after no "follower"activity for a few weeks. I am not sure why this dream was remembered in the morning. Maybe because I thought I was boring you with so many "food" posts, I may have been wondering if all of you left.

I appreciate those who come to the blog and visit. I like communicating via blogspot. I like being understood. Writing gives me a chance to compose my thoughts carefully. I like knowing who is enjoying my blog and so I appreciate my followers very much. I like the social interaction (I could not live in a Little House in the woods). Overall, I enjoy all the variety of feedback from my blog: the comments, my private e-mail from readers, the links back to me on your blogrolls, and the book reviews. I like to go back and look at your blogs also, especially if I didn't know you previously.

Thank you blog readers for your interest in my thoughts and ideas. Thanks for making my dream come true!


Nikki said...

Thank you for the ideas! And I agree... he was in a preschool while they were in their old apartment, paid for by the government, and it didn't do much for him. It was good for getting his energy out, but he now has scars all over his face from the other kids and didnt really seem to get all that much out of it. Jocelyne wants to get him back into daycare so she can return to english class, so I gave her the phone number for a home daycare nearby... I think that will be better as he will get more one-on-one attention.
I have seen progress in him. Now when he wants something, I make him ask using words, as opposed to "Nikki! Nikki!" and pointing. He usually can't come up with the words, but I say "Jodnel, say 'juice please, Nikki' and he will repeat, so I guess that is a start. I only see him about once a week so I am trying to come up with some resources for his parents.
By the way, I made the sling with the instructions you sent me and tried it out yesterday- he liked it (he almost fell asleep in it when we were walking to the library) and it definitely made it easier on my arms. Thank you!!

Becky R said...

Hello! I love your blog (and your book-Just gave the copy I won to my pregnant friend and will be ordering another for my sister who is trying to get pregnant.)

-Becky R in NJ

Allana Martian said...

Sad to say, I have really neglected my blog this month. How do YOU have the time? I enjoy your blog a lot! Your many food blogs are inspiring to me. Keep it up!

Permission to Mother said...

Hey Allana, I haven't had time to answer your question, haha. I may entertain a answer at the top of the blog soon.

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