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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Green Smoothie Video

As much as I have talked about Green Smoothies, I realized I never actually put a direct link to the video that started it all for me on my blog. It's not that I forgot to post it, it used to be on the GSG homepage in my blogroll and I like keeping my posts all original content.

I started making green smoothies in my oster blender. Even before I started making smoothies I noticed the oster didn't have much power (I've replaced several even before I started smoothies.). I used the oster for smoothies daily from about April to September when I received my blendtec. Magic bullet type blenders make nice smoothies. With daily and consistent use and as much quantity that I make, I went for the horse power.

I have worked my way up to about 4 cups of smoothie a day. Some days I juice instead (or additionally). It depends on what fruits and greens are available and what my mood is. I haven't juiced much greens, mostly apples and carrots. On the days I am juicing mucho citrus, I make sure I eat a lot of salad to get the greens in.

This is such a different place than I was ate last year. I was struggling with (cane)sugar detox and still wasn't sure what to eat and totally confused about supplements. Learning about daily smoothies has made my breakfast decision easy. I always start my day with smoothies or juice.

On most days I do eat lots of greens and veggies, so I am not really making an extra effort to make a salad now on juicing days. It seems normal to me now to have something uncooked at (preferably before) every meal (fruit, salad, smoothie, juice, marinated veggies, sprouts, or dehydrated treats.)

I still don't use much cane. If I do use it in my house, it is sucanat and in modest quantities and I make careful choices when I am not home.

My husband doesn't think I enjoy my food. He thinks I've limited myself too much. That is far from the truth. I am enjoying my food far more than ever, especially more than I year ago. I love the fresh stuff. I love the variety. I love the herbs and seasonings. I don't take a single supplement pill. (I do take a monthly B12 shot). I enjoy my food now that I understand nutrition. I understand there is a big difference between being a good cook and eating nutritiously. I may never be a good cook, but it is not really a goal of mine. My goal would is to obtain and prepare food healthfully. For someone who doesn't know where to start green smoothies is the best single change.


poseygirl said...

I checked it out. I have a juicer that I plan to start using. Maybe I will work up to a green smoothie eventually.:)

womantowomancbe said...

I noticed that before she added flax seed oil, it looked rather liquid-y -- was that just from the water that is contained in the kale leaves? or did she add some liquid before she started?


crispy said...

So...honestly...first few ones, did you have to choke them down?

Permission to Mother said...

Kathy--In my blendtec, I use about 1 cup water/ice for about 4-6 cups smoothie. Yes, GSG had water in there to start.

Cris-- It is great for a beginner to start with lots of berries, a very ripe banana, and spinach. Spinach is very mild tasting. I would not think you would have to choke that down. Southern Mama (in my blog roll) posted a GS post recently and used OJ as a base.

Yes, I have made smoothies that taste terrible. Its trial and error. I'm willing to experiment. I've learned many tricks along the way. Using really ripe and mushy fruit when I am using bitter greens and 1/4 lemon rind takes the green taste away. I rarely use honey or other sweetener. If I can get a hold of a stevia plant, I want to try adding the leaves of the plant.

Sometimes its a matter of quantity. I once tried to use up all my celery/beet in a smoothie (or juice). A little celery/beet is refreshing-- a lot is not pleasant IMO. Finding the right balance can improve taste.

Allana Martian said...

You sent a link in an email and I watched her other videos on you-tube. Very interesting! I'm going to make a green smoothie in the next day or two (when I get to the store) and see how I and the kids like it. I'm glad I read your comment here, too, where you said it's trial and error and to use very ripe fruit and spinach. That's a starting spot for me!

Permission to Mother said...

Allana, I'm glad you watched her other videos. I have learned som much from them. I've made all her other video recipes. I like the pudding, teriaki almonds and granola. I didn't follow the instructions carefully enough for the hot pink smoothie and flax crackers. I'll try them again soon.

Southern Mama posted another blog about GS. My sister, (fitncrafty) also has. Heck, I think more and more on my blog roll has, maybe just not recently.

Permission to Mother said...

Here is a blog post that includes several recipes for GS in it.

Tammie said...

You are doing so GREAT! Way to go keep it up. Many people tell me that they could never limit their diet like that. I just laugh anymore. I don't see that it's limiting at all in fact it is very freeing! Most of the people that say that have limited themselves to meet, potatoes, MSG, and corn syrup. ;) Not having a tase for fresh fruits and veggies sounds pretty limiting if you ask me! ;)

Permission to Mother said...

>Most of the people that say that have limited themselves to meet, potatoes, MSG, and corn syrup. ;) Not having a tase for fresh fruits and veggies sounds pretty limiting if you ask me!

I agree!

Like Allana said, I sent the video out to my twofloridadocs mailing list and overall had a great response.

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