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Friday, January 16, 2009

Homeschool Progress

William finally began 6th grade Florida Virtual School Math. This is the first week and last night he completed the first lesson for the third week. He should progress through this nicely and at a quicker pace than they suggest. Doing the DK math books prior to this was helpful. I work through the advanced assignments with him and he'll get honors credit. He goes to drums every other week. Karate 2-3 times a week (less than a year to black belt), and Hebrew School 2-3 times a week.

Scott had his vision checked by our family optometrist. Scott's vision is perfect. Our eye doctor suggested a program called"Perceptual Visual Tracking Program. " It's a computer based program with exercises to strengthen the ocular muscles. Scott has been doing the recommended 15 minutes of exercise daily in this program. He hasn't been diagnosed with any specific reading disability, but obviously he has one. I received many suggestions via the blog to help him learn to read. I appreciate all of them. I decided to trust our eye doctor first and go with his suggestions. As far as reading improvement. He did read a book to me. He read a "Biscuit" book to me. I know some of you may be thinking that's a preschool book and I should be embarrassed, however, he did not want to read anything to me a few weeks ago. And after Biscuit he read "Danny and the Dinosaur, 3 in 1." Since I don't let what our critiques say negatively influence us, I share this to help the others who may be struggling with the same type of learning problems. Also, I enjoyed him reading to me VERY much. Scott is the brother who listens and comprehends the most when I read aloud. We are half way through Little House on the Prairie now. I read before we go to sleep and the next day we discuss what we read. Scott is also in Hebrew school doing well with reading Hebrew and preparing to be a black belt soon in Karate.

David is only five and would not officially be in Kindergarten till next year. He is learning his letters and numbers. He is proud to show me what he learns. This is such a different experience than with William and Scott who I have to drag it out of. David also is involved in karate. I don't believe its necessary to involve young children to a million scheduled activities so that's it for David.


fitncrafty said...

I think whatever Scott will read is great! I am happy to hear that he is progressing, confidence can go a long way. He will be able to read to David soon and they will both be reading like champs before you know it!

I also agree with kids and activities, Scouts for all three of my kids and Zach continues fencing. That is more than enough!

Tricia and Nick said...

I have insomnia tonight so I was looking over your blog. I think I originally happened on to it from the 12 step blog from gsg. I majored in home and family living and so these topics are of interest to me. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 15 months now. I was looking for anything on your blog that talked about conception or lack thereof. I was relieved somewhat to find out that if we do end up adopting that I could have a way to breastfeed, thus it would feel like my very own child. I don't really want to do fertility treatments, I'm not into meds so much. I don't know at what point we should just adopt and stop waiting. We are 25 and my husband has good work at the moment. What advice can you give me? Maybe you could post on my blog or send an email- beleza.sol@gmail- Thanks, I'd love it!

Becky R (photo is me at 16) said...

I think I need that computer thing for Jason. They recommended visual training for him, but it was $4,000 for the sessions. He has a converenge problem which affects his handwriting and other things. Can you buy this game? Thanks! -Becky

Permission to Mother said...

The optometrist charged us $150.00 for the program and Scott had an eye exam first.
There must be old fashioned ways to strenghten the eyes like have him follow your fingers... maybe someone can chime in about this...

Becky R (photo is me at 16) said...

thanks, any ideas will be appreciated

The Cooking Lady said...

There is no time table on learning. He will set his own pace. And if he learns to read in 2 years then so be it. He may be a math wizard, or a musical prodigy.

He will be fine.

Misty said...

I can't remember if I posted this for you before or not, so my appologies if I did. My mom got my girls the "My first Little House" books over the past year or two and they love them! They are great for early readers. I know the Martin County library has a few too. Anyway, here is a link, you can buy the books in a set or individually.

Kristen's Raw said...

You're such an amazing mom.

I love reading about your homeschooling adventures... as I, too, will be homeschooling my future family :)


Mama K said...

Denise - just so you know, at this site:

They asked for a one minute writing on the last book you finished, which in my case, happens to be yours. I wrote this:

I just finished reading “Permission to Mother” by Denise Punger, M.D.

The tone of the book is like a conversation from one mom to another. She shares stories of her mothering journey, going from by-the-book doctoring to by-her-intuition mothering. It’s encouraging, and touches on birth, breastfeeding, midwifery, schooling styles, and other things that come up in a mom’s career as nurturer of the future.
It's not terribly impressive writing, But at least the word is getting out. Just wanted you to know. I did just finish the book and I really did enjoy it, and yes I would gladly recommend it.


Permission to Mother said...

Thank you!
I checkd out the blog for a "minute." Cool blog!

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