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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mothering at the Breast (adoptive breastfeeding)

I'm so lucky getting to meet a celebrity baby today. This 3 day old is adopted and will be breastfed. I am so excited. Mom said he took to the lact-aid much better than the hospital nipple, which he was gagging on. You can see her own words on her blog here.

The lact-aid works by holding a reservoir of expressed milk or formula and a little tube brings the liquid to the baby's mouth as he suckles. An easy regimen of a few medications prior to the arrival of the baby helps bring the milk in. The lact-aid provides a supplement while mom's milk supply is building up. A relaxed smile and the eye-to-eye contact between mother and latched baby is unmatched!

It is so inspiring to me to see mothering at the breast!

See more photos here.


Tammie said...

That is so great! I love it! Adoptive mothers and babies can take part in the wonderful experience called breastfeeding!

womantowomancbe said...

This is so cool! I wish all adoptive mamas could/would do this.

Just out of curiosity (in case I need the info in the future), what is the procedure when an adoptive mother wants to nurse -- especially one who has never even been pregnant before?


Blacktating said...

Kathy, you can find info on the protocol on

Can I ask, what makes this baby a celebrity? :)

mandie said...

thank you for posting this. i plan to breastfeed when i adopt, so this is encouraging :)

Permission to Mother said...

I use the protocols at like blacktating shared.

Celebrity in my eyes and within my peer circle.

poseygirl said...

I haven't had a chance to post yet, but I enjoyed our appt./visit with you today. Your excitement for us made me feel so good!

He's a celebrity in my eyes too.:) I am so proud of my angel baby.

womantowomancbe said...

Thanks for the link! I'd heard of breastfeeding adopted babies (I think Dr. Sears mentions it in The Baby Book), but haven't known anybody personally who has done so. I'm looking over the site now -- very informative!

A friend from church adopted a baby and briefly considered it, but planned on going back to work, so opted for formula feeding. Since the adoption was a surprise (one day's notice!), she didn't have time to work on building up a supply before the birth, and would have gone back to work probably before she was able to produce any milk. Still, I was sorry for the baby to have missed out on that (but my baby was a few weeks old at the time of the other baby's birth, so I pumped extra milk for him, so he did get some breastmilk for the first few weeks).


fitncrafty said...

This is just beautiful!! Congrats to mom and baby!!!

crispy said...

Thanks for sharing this post. I am thrilled to hear that this mom is working so hard to provide such a wonderful experience for her new baby.

Kudos to you guys.

Natacha said...

Oh WOW!! What an inspiration!!! I can really relate to the beauty of Lauren's Journey to become a mother again.... My sister was a surro mom and how I admire her heart. I also admire the heart of any woman who would want to mother at the breast under these circumstances.
PoseyGirl You are a BEAUTIFUL soul!!!

Natacha said...

( I forgot to say) ~CONGRATULATIONS~ on the Birth of your son his name is just perfect!!

Heather said...

Oh man! I am terribly jealous. I wish I could nurse my babies in foster care. I'm expecting a baby born this week and I want to nurse so badly I have ants in my pants. Posey Girl, you are AWESOME! He looks like he is smiling in the first picture. He knows he is loved!

BethPie said...

Perfect & beautiful! Thank you for sharing and for being such an advocate for mommies, babies and the biological norm!!

Crystal said...

Beautiful and so inspiring...made me cry. :)

Permission to Mother said...

I've poted a few more photos at:

noelani said...

I was very happy to come across this site today! I have breastfed my six adopted babies, born between 1983 and 1995, using the Lact-Aid. Domperidone, which is the only drug that is safe and effective for use in induced lactation, was either not around or not available to me. I never knew very far in advance of the babies' arrival; sometimes less than 24 hours. I just started nursing on demand with the Lact-Aid when they got home. In a short time, I was producing drops of milk and that slowly increased as we went along. I needed to supplement until they were taking other foods, but they got a significant amount of milk from me. My last four children nursed until they self-weaned, at an average of a little over two years old.

I want everyone to know that, although advanced preparation can be helpful, any mom who wants to can start nursing with the Lact-Aid, whether she's had a chance to prepare in advance, or not.

I like the fact that this site focuses on nurturing. In recent years, the option of inducing a milk supply in advance with medications and breast pumps has had an unfortunate side-effect in that some adoptive moms focus so much on pumping milk that they never get nurturing at the breast established. I think they, and their babies, miss out on the best part!

Darillyn Starr

Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

Thank you Darrilyn! I agree with you that there is such an over reliance on pumps. I am glad to have a personal story here and not just my "opinion."

Put the pump down and hold the baby!

Thanks for reading through my old backblog!

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